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I scour Groupon to save money on dining when we travel.  Really I save on dining to give us ice cream or late night dessert money as you can tell from reading some of my posts. One place caught my eye because it was not only near our Airbnb rental but it also had food I knew Daughter would like.

Fuel, Recharge Yourself.  They offer a full menu under 500 calories.  I didn’t really care, i just want delicious food.  We stopped in here Sunday after hearing Mass for dinner.  They offered outdoor seating and indoor.  We chose indoor by a window to watch the masses leave town.

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Insomnia Cookie

Our gracious Airbnb host took us on a quick orienting walk around the apartment block and he happened to point on Insomnia Cookie.  We sure were glad he did! Amazing!

What could be better than a late night snack of a hot cookie with cold melting ice cream on top of it?  And they deliver.  Since it was not our apartment and I was not sure we could buzz someone up we walked up the short two city blocks to Insomnia Cookie our last night.

Insomnia Cookie

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NY PD Pizza Philadelphia

When in New York we were big fans of the corner pizza joint. The slices are hot, huge and ready to go all hours!  We found a similar place in Center City Philadelphia.

Ny Pd Pizza

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Saturday Night Family Festival Pope Visit

Saturday we had spent a good chunk of the day at Independence Hall waiting to hear the Pope speak.  We had made no plans for the evening and figured we would laze around.  We tried to relax at the apartment, but it was not working. This great city to explore and continuous television coverage of the Pope’s visit prompted us to head out to the festival of families.

Pope Family

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Kids Save at Shedd on Halloween

Visit Shedd on Halloween for tricks and treats!
Join us for a haunted family fest all day on Sat. Oct, 31. For kids in costume, if you buy one Shedd Pass, you’ll get one free! Plus, we’ll have a costume parade at 12 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. And of course, it’s not Halloween without candy for trick or treaters!

Make the most of your visit by purchasing tickets early and check out our Halloween Highlights map for more fun experiences you’ll find at Shedd! We’ll ‘sea’ you then!

What is a Shedd Pass?

Shedd Pass

Adult $30.95 Child $21.95
Provides access to the following exhibits:

Shedd’s aquatic show, Amphibians special exhibit, Stingray Touch* or a 4-D Experience can be added for $5/person/experience.

Here is a link to Halloween Highlights Map: Shedd Halloween Map

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Franklin Fountain How Long is Your Line?

I heard on our tour that Franklin Fountain is the place to have ice cream!  And I heard that we had to expect to wait in a long line and to bring cash only.   We were lucky that all the people in town for the Pope were not going for ice cream that day.  We had almost no wait when we walked into Franklin Fountain.

Franklin fount

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Philly Cheese Steak Time

I will say I was REALLY looking forward to trying a Philly Cheese Steak.  Around the Midwest its the french dip that I usually order with the cheese and au jus.  Daughter does not like onions so we ordered a “cheese steak without, provolone” like we knew what we were talking about.  Short wait and we had our sandwich and an outdoors table to enjoy it at.  Since we are eating desserts all the time we split the sandwich to save room for ice cream later.


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Sorry but it was under whelming for $9!  Maybe with less people in town the meat sat for a bit or it was an off day.  There just was not much flavor to it.  French dip wins this round!


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I will say we that Philly you have dessert down!  We ate at a few places that really need to franchise to the Midwest!

More information on Campo’s here:

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How Crazy is it?

I will be honest from the television and web posting I expected Philadelphia to be insane.  I was worried about getting a cab or on the train to get into the center city area.  Way over-hyped!!!!!  To be safe I had reserved a car service to take us into town.  Usually I am all about the train but I just did not know how busy it would be and they had this whole three day ticket thing and some stations closed.  It was too much on short notice to figure all out.

Corporate Sedan Service met us at the very quiet airport.  Yup, quiet…  I will put their information here because they were very good at what they do. Quick to get me a quote and very prompt on pick ups.  As someone who was done wrong before by car companies I know how hard it is to find a good one!  I get nothing from them, they just did a good job for me!

Our very nice sedan made the quick drive to center city on empty roads.  Everyone had to have their car parked elsewhere several days in advance.  It seemed that most local people left town, it was eerie quiet!

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Two Dutch Girls and the Pope

Recently we headed off to Philly to see the Pope.  Yup, you read that right…  Daughter and I went to Philly to see the Pope. We are not Catholic but we are Christian. We live in the Midwest and are Dutch, nothing that screams I want to go see the Pope.

Way back to early summer Daughter has thrown out the idea of going to hear the Pope on his U.S. visit.  Again not Catholic so I told her no way to get tickets.  She heard he was going to be Washington D.C. and I told her she has school.  Then over Labor Day somehow she heard they were selling tickets online to some events in Philly.  I told her we could not afford them but to prove my point I would find out more information.

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Fair Trade Friday October 2015

It’s my favorite day of the month again!!!!! Fair Trade Friday!

Our kids are watching and listening even if we think our teenagers are ignoring us.  While in Philadelphia we stopped at Ten Thousand Villages right near the apartment we rented.  Daughter picked out a very pretty silver world necklace for herself.  As we were checking out the lady asked her if she knew they were Fair Trade and had other locations? Daughter smiled brightly and said “My Mom loves Fair Trade, it comes to the house every month and she likes your store!”  I don’t shop Ten Thousand Villages every month, that was my first time and I did like the store.  But Daughter knows Fair Trade is important to me because we support it with our money, time and in a little way with this blog to get the word out about Fair Trade Friday.

So this month’s package was another great one!

Fairtrade Friday Oct 2015

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