Fair Trade Friday October 2015

It’s my favorite day of the month again!!!!! Fair Trade Friday!

Our kids are watching and listening even if we think our teenagers are ignoring us.  While in Philadelphia we stopped at Ten Thousand Villages right near the apartment we rented.  Daughter picked out a very pretty silver world necklace for herself.  As we were checking out the lady asked her if she knew they were Fair Trade and had other locations? Daughter smiled brightly and said “My Mom loves Fair Trade, it comes to the house every month and she likes your store!”  I don’t shop Ten Thousand Villages every month, that was my first time and I did like the store.  But Daughter knows Fair Trade is important to me because we support it with our money, time and in a little way with this blog to get the word out about Fair Trade Friday.

So this month’s package was another great one!

Fairtrade Friday Oct 2015

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It was coffee, a cup cozy and this beautiful necklace by Rahab’s Rope.

Fairtrade Friday Oct 2015

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Rahab’s Rope works to fight human trafficking in India.  http://www.rahabsrope.com

Fairtrade Friday Oct 2015

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The coffee and cup cozy are being held for Christmas gifts this year.  The necklace is gorgeous and I cannot wait to wear it! The cup cozy was made by the Refugee Project in Houston.  They made the fantastic scarf and boot cuffs from prior months.  More information on them here: http://therefugeeproject.net

This months box helped employee six women.  More information on Fair Trade Friday: http://fairtradefriday.club   

Fair Trade Fans:

You’ll need to decide on how much awesomeness you want.

  • You can choose to start with a recurring box for $31.99 per month. It’s easy peasy. We keep sending you a box (and, of course, billing you for it) until you cancel. What an amazing set up! Join the Club Today!
  • Or, you can try out a box (but we promise you’ll just end up wanting more…trust us) for $35 plus $10 shipping. This one is a great gift option as well. Hint, hint.
  • Or, you can join the Earring of the Month club, where you’ll get a stylish and beautiful pair of earrings made by our artisans every month.

At this time, Fair Trade Friday is only available in the United States. Thank you for your understanding.

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