Two Dutch Girls and the Pope

Recently we headed off to Philly to see the Pope.  Yup, you read that right…  Daughter and I went to Philly to see the Pope. We are not Catholic but we are Christian. We live in the Midwest and are Dutch, nothing that screams I want to go see the Pope.

Way back to early summer Daughter has thrown out the idea of going to hear the Pope on his U.S. visit.  Again not Catholic so I told her no way to get tickets.  She heard he was going to be Washington D.C. and I told her she has school.  Then over Labor Day somehow she heard they were selling tickets online to some events in Philly.  I told her we could not afford them but to prove my point I would find out more information.

Joke was on me,  Tuesday after Labor Day I went online to find out when tickets go on sale and how much they would cost.  Free! Then I went to look at airfare since it was a couple of weeks prior to travel.  $69 Southwest from Midway each way.  Like I would have any chance to get tickets, but at noon I was quick on the website and received tickets to Independence Hall.  And Daughter did not have school the following Monday so we made plans to make a long weekend out of it.

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Philly visit

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Crazy ideas like this might be why I collect points and miles.  I had airfare miles but hotel rates in the city were beyond anything I was willing to pay. The Radisson Blu wanted 102,000 a night, I didn’t know that was even possible since I thought the cap was 70,000 points!  We did Airbnb and loved the apartment, great location a ten minute walk to Independence Hall. And around fifteen minutes to the nearest Mass entry point for Sunday.  There were several Airbnb offerings but we chose someone who had a few positive reviews just to be safe.  I did not want to rent and have something fall through will the high hotel prices!

We were pretty excited! Two Dutch Midwest girls headed to the Pope!

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Pope philly

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