Raising Grateful Kids Preorder

If you follow me you know this is mostly a travel blog.   I am doing my small part to save you some money and help you see what is important to you. Whether its family at Christmas, hitting beaches during Spring Break or doing college visits with your teen I am trying to help keep the costs down.

But sometimes I branch off in a different direction as you can see with my Fair Trade Friday posts.  I had the privilege of hearing Kristen Welch speak a few years back on the other side of my state.  It was a nasty snowy morning and I was glad my Mom had agreed to travel with me to hear her the night before.  We did stay at the local Holiday Inn on points and used a coupon for cheap pizza the night before so this is kinda of a travel post.

At the time Kristen had started Mercy House, that lead to Fair Trade Friday and now her newest project a book on raising Grateful Kids.  I have followed her blog for a very long time because I could relate my Daughter to hers.  I felt like maybe we are not messing up this parenting thing as bad as it seems we are.  It was helpful and gave me hope that we were normal!

And it seems as I read her latest book that we are very normal indeed.  My Daughter is a great kid at 15 and we try to keep things in perspective for her.  Not everyone is an only child, and not everyone is an only Grandchild.  I always thought well if she does not act spoiled we are doing alright.  But maybe alright is not enough.

I can see already reading the first two chapters that I am entitled sometimes!  I need to be thankful for what I have more than I am.   I like how Kristen has suggestions for parents, toddlers and on up to teens.   Here is an example “Parents : Ask God for strength and determination to heed the warning given to us in Scripture to not give our kids everything they want.”   In the holiday season this is hard for me.  I see deals on things she might like and I think its only $5 tossing it under the tree with the other items.

Its a work in progress to shift from our culture of latest and greatest to being content with enough.  I am looking forward to reading more of Kristen’s book Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World.  They have provided me with an e-copy to read and I am enjoying it even when it makes me squirm a little!


More information here: http://raisinggratefulkids.com/


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