Austin Trail of Lights

When we travel around Christmas I try to find holiday events to keep us in the Christmas spirit.  This year we attended Austin’s Trail of Lights.

We purchased our tickets off Groupon for $3 a person a couple of weeks before our trip.  Now there was no discount, it was the same price as buying them from the lights website but I did earn 4 Southwest points per dollar spent.  So 48 Southwest points towards our next trip, it all adds up!

Traffic getting to the park was horrendous so the taxi dropped us off about  two blocks out and we walked the rest of the way.  We could see the lights as we approached.  And also the horrendous line that stretched across the field to enter the lights.  Oy!

Luckily the huge line moved fast as we only had to turn our vouchers to enter.  Maybe we were in line for fifteen minutes max?  I had chosen Sunday night to visit thinking the lines would be shorter but I must have been off in that reasoning!


The lights were amazing.  It did not disappoint!


We spent well over an hour looking at all the displays and taking photographs.


Once we were further into the park the crowds did thin a bit.  The lines were long for the rides though so we skipped them.


This is defiantly one of the grandest holiday light displays we have ever seen!  And for $3 a person we felt it was very accessible to everyone in
Austin.  The cost for entry and a shuttle ride was only $5.


We also took time to visit the huge “tree” on the outskirts of the park.


It was fun to walk inside the tree and look up at the star….


Austin trail of lights is at Zilker Park.  More information here:


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2 thoughts on “Austin Trail of Lights

  1. One of my friends lives in Texas and posted some photos as well. Looks awesome! Do you know if it’s a one-time installation or a permanent thing?

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