Bad Wolf Ghost Tours San Antonio

We have in the past taken a couple of ghost tours in historic cities.  We find they mix a bit of history with an embellished tour that is a good way to see a new city. Usually I find them on Groupon and this time was no exception.

We purchased a Groupon for our family during a Groupon sale which took the $32 Groupon down to $25.60 total.  Not bad for a nights entertainment plus tip.    This time we booked with Bad Wolf Ghost Tours.  They are really easy to work with, call them up and reserve your tour time.  It was easy to find our guide in from of the Alamo and our entire group arrived a few minutes early which means we get to start on time at 8pm.


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The tour is maybe a mile total in length.  You meander around town and over the Riverwalk.  The old hotel stories are very interesting.  I think our tour was almost an hour and a half.

Each family was given an EMF sensor to carry. Our Daughter carried our but it was a quiet night, nothing really set it off on our tour.

Ghost tour

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I think there was maybe 10-12 in our group.  Perfect size for a tour. And a mix of girls out for a weekend to families with kids 10 and over.

Ghost tour

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We had fun and heard some history on our tour.  There are some great old buildings in San Antonio as you walk around. The next morning on my run I went back past the theater and few others to see them better in the day light.  And these tours are a great way to get a little bit of the cities orientation in your head.

Regular price is $15 a person and $10 for kids 12 and under.

More information here:

Reservations and Inquiries 805-757-0512

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3 thoughts on “Bad Wolf Ghost Tours San Antonio

  1. I love San Antonio, and my daughter would love this tour! Thanks for letting me know about it. Next time I’m there, we will have to sign up!

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