San Antonio – Mission Concepcion

By now if you read this blog often enough you know I am all about free activities!  Vacation and free are my two favorite things!  So while in San Antonio I planned to stop at the various missions for as long as my family tolerate.  We actually made it to four of them on the mission trial and we started with Mission Concepcion.

Mission Concepcion

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From the National Park Service website ” This handsome stone church was dedicated in 1755, and appears very much as it did over two centuries ago. It stands proudly as the oldest unrestored stone church in America. In its heyday, colorful geometric designs covered its surface, but the patterns have long since faded or been worn away.”


Below is one of the better condition Frescos in the mission.

Mission Concepcion

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We also took the time at most of them to walk through the grotto area.

Mission Concepcion

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I like history and being able to walk through a building that has been in existence since 1755. We are so quick in the country to tear down the old and replace it with new and better.  This mission did not need much repair due to how it was built all those years ago.

You can find Mission Concepcion at 807 Mission Road, San Antonio, Texas, 78210.

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2 thoughts on “San Antonio – Mission Concepcion

  1. San Antonio missions are awesome.

  2. The Mission Trail is super fun and interesting – especially after the crowds on the downtown section of the Riverwalk.

    Don’t forget to tag your instagram photos with #FindYourPark The Park Service is celebrating its centennial and they will repost some photos on their sites.

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