USS Lexington Visit


Part of the reason we chose Corpus Christi for our Christmas time visit was that the USS Lexington was open on Christmas Eve.  In fact they only close on Christmas and Thanksgiving.  Part of the frustration of holiday travel can be closed attractions so I am always on the look out for something that is open and appeals to our family.

Husband has been on USS Yorktown before and is always open to visit another ship. I like to poke around and am always impressed by the size of these ships.  Daughter is pretty tolerant and when she is done we break off and let Husband finish looking around longer.

We could see the ship from our hotel balcony at the Radisson and it was a short five minute walk to the entrance. The ship opens for tours at nine am and we were up the walkway ready to board.  They do offer a shuttle if you do not wish to walk up the slight incline to the ship.

Radisson Corpus Christi view

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USS Lexington

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Adults are $14.95 and we had a coupon from their website for $1 off per person.  You can find the coupon here:

We out from the entrance and took a few crazy pictures in the simulators.  And from there we worked our way up to the flight deck and bridge.

USS Lexington

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Daughter liked being in charge for a few moments in the bridge.  Husband had to go check out the “plank” in front.  I liked looking at all the airplanes on deck.  Amazing how they move the planes and land them.

We also were surprised that it was relatively busy on our visit.  We had a wait a few times to enter an exhibit or read something.  Usually Christmas Eve is very quiet but we saw several groups from other countries enjoying the ship.

Uss Lexington

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Also I like that you can access so much of this ship and they have tried to keep it close to how it looked while in use. There is the kitchen, the bunks, the tool shop, hospital, chapel and on….  You get the idea. There is a ton to see here!

USS Lexington

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In addition to all the rooms there are many displays of miniatures and virtual experiences.  Just assume we were here a long time and this is not a quick one hour visit!

Reminder ladies that you want to wear flat shoes and not a skirt or dress here.  There were several parts we climbed the metal grate stairs up and down going from deck to deck.  And if you are tall watch your head.

Daughter was done well before Husband was so I took her to the Mess Deck Cafe while he continued looking below deck. They have the usual hot dogs, chips, Cokes and kids foods for sale.  She had a hot dog while I had a Frito Pie and we shared a lemonade for late lunch.

Afterward we took a little bit to see if anyone was catching anything on the Jetty.  We saw many crabs and jelly fish but not much was biting today.

USS Lexington

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Hours of Operation

9am – 6pm
Memorial Day
Labor Day
9am – 5pm
Labor Day
Memorial Day

The USS LEXINGTON is open year-round seven days a week for touring and special events. We are closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving days. Convenient all day parking is available for $3.50 and is free for Members.

Have questions? Give us a call!

1-800-LADY LEX


More information here:



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