Try the town one over…

When my Dad threw out the idea to visit Gettysburg I started looking at my hotel points stash.  I have 3 different chains that I could potentially stay for free with my points.  One was booked and the other two did not work for various reasons.  Marriott was too many points for the Courtyard with no breakfast and Holiday had nothing in the area.  The next option is to just pay for a room.  Spring break in a tourist area left me with prices I was unwilling to pay! Almost $200 for a Hampton Inn is not going to happen when I have points!

The next option is to look a town over.  I am willing to drive 30 minutes to save some money!  I was able to use my points in Chambersburg a town slightly west of Gettysburg. In Chambersburg the hotels run from $100-130 a night, much more reasonable! I had many points choices here between 2 Holiday Inns,  Country Inn and Suites, Hampton Inn, etc.

I booked the Fairfield Inn Chambersburg at 10,000 points for a two queen room. We were given a room on the third floor facing the Cracker Barrel next door. Normal price for this hotel is around $123 a night for this category 2 hotel.

It was nice to be done driving around 5pm and at our hotel for the evening.  Coming from the Midwest we had been on the road over 9 hours Saturday.  We tried to get daughter to agree to eating at the Cracker Barrel next door but she would not hear of it!  It became a trip joke and we pointed them out each time we passed one figuring she might like to stop.

Check in was quick and we were told the breakfast hours for the in the morning.  I had not found them on the website so I was happy to hear breakfast would start early so we could get out the door to Gettysburg!

Our room had a fridge and microwave next to the desk area. Having a microwave in our room was very useful the next morning.

Fairfield inn Chambersburg PA

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And the usual Fairfield Inn decor….

Fairfield Inn Chambersburg PA

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After dinner at TGI Friday’s we put our left overs in the fridge and headed to the hot tub to relax.  The hot tub holds seven or eight people and was just the perfect temperature.  The indoor pool could hold twenty five people and a family with two children was enjoying it when we arrived.  There is also a little fenced in patio that doors from the indoor pool open into.

We slept well and headed down for breakfast before hitting the road.  And there was nothing ready…. We had been told the wrong time for breakfast, it actually started after we were hoping to leave the hotel.  We turned to plan B, the leftovers we had from TGI Fridays.  Heated the burgers up in the microwave and ate those quickly before leaving the hotel for Gettysburg.  Thanks goodness for hotel fridges and microwaves!

More information on the Fairfield Inn Chambersburg can be found here:

I-81 at Exit 14/1122 Wayne Avenue  Chambersburg  Pennsylvania  17201  USA 





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