Valley Forge Afternoon

This falls under the category of since we are there anyway why not visit….  We spent the morning in Gettysburg and our hotel for the night was in King of Prussia.  Looking at the map we were going to be fifteen minutes from Vally Forge.  So we figured why not see what we can see!

I will tell you after our great guided tour at Gettysburg that Valley Forge was a let down.  We arrived at the visitors center to see that we would be able to hear a ranger program on a soldiers life.  We hustled over to the huts to hear the ranger and never did see a ranger at 3:30.  That was a bust!

Valley Forge

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They do offer a self driven car tour, this is what we chose.  They also offer a cell phone tour or a guided trolley tour.  Since it was a last minute decision to visit we did not have the trolley tour booked.  Those are $17.50 for adults and last ninety minutes.

We had hoped to visit the visitors center when we were done with our car tour.  We started out at Washington Memorial Chapel.  What a beautiful chapel!  The bells were ringing as we pulled up.

Washington Chapel

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Behind the chapel is a little shop with snacks, bathrooms and souvenirs. They have little table you can eat at and we did see a picnic area just up the road from the chapel.

We also visited the train station, Washingtons headquarters and the National Memorial Arch.  Unfortunately when we rolled back up to the visitors center it was 5:05 and we had missed it.  I thought it was open until 6pm but did not do much research as it was a decision we made to visit Valley Forge on our way out of Gettysburg.  Its worth a look if you are in the area!

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One thought on “Valley Forge Afternoon

  1. koolaidmoms

    Thank you for your information! We are planning on stopping there this summer my son would be so upset if we missed everything. I never thought of really booking a tour or anything ahead of time.

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