Terra Nova Night in Grove City

Our last night of the trip was in Grove City, Pennsylvania. To this point all of our hotel nights had been free on points so I chose to spend money on a night at a Bed and Breakfast.  There are a few hotels outside of town near the outlets. Comfort Inn, Best Western, Super 8 and a Holiday Day Inn Express. The Holiday Inn Express is 30,000 points or $159.16 a night which did influence my choice of lodging.

I booked the Terra Nova house based on its great reviews and the location. Ryan gave us directions to dinner at Nonni’s and to the campus for in the morning when we checked in.  He gave us a quick house tour and showed us to the third floor for the Collegiate suite.

Terra Nova

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It was a quick five minute walk to town and Nonni’s for dinner. The Italian food was very good and the service was great.  Daughter loved her Fettuccine Alfredo and I had a huge portion of Lasagna.  My Dad said his Chicken Cutlet Sandwich was good.  We were all too full for dessert!

We were able to take the opportunity after dinner to walk around the outskirts of the college campus and see what the area is like. Look at the neighborhood and see what church options exist.  We do this with each school to judge if she would be able walk to church, to a Subway Restaurant or a movie theater.

Grove City

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Then a quick walk in the chilling evening back to the Terra Nova house.  The Collegiate Suite is two rooms and a bathroom.  Daughter and I took the room with the king bed and my Dad took the room with two twin beds.  It was nice to have a little space after three nights in hotel rooms.

Terra Nova Grove City

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Also in the King room is a table and chairs for 4 people and a great stuffed chair for reading.  We took advantage of the game stash on the main level choosing to play several rounds of Connect 4 and a tower building game in our room.  We also enjoyed some treats left for us before bed.

Terra Nova

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If you wanted a cold water, hot coffee or a Coke there was a small visitors pantry just outside our room entrance.  It was nice to wash down the delicious baked goods with a Coke.

Terra Nova

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Everyone slept very soundly after a couple of days on the road!  The king bed was so large I never ran into Daughter in the night.  We had very plush towels the next morning for our shower and a nice large bathroom! Also each room had its own tv.

Now on to breakfast!  Terra Nova does breakfast a little differently than other B& B’s I have visited.  But I think I prefer this way!  They email you in advance with the breakfast selections and times available.  No worries that I might not be a fan of the food, no allergy issues, no surprises…    You email them back with what you would like from juice, to toast, to entrees and a time you want to eat.  Love it!

Terra Nova dining

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Breakfast is served at small tables for your party.  No awkward group dining is a huge plus for our family.  Breakfast was available at 7:30, 8:30 or 9:30.  We chose the 7:30 breakfast with our college tour being  at 9:30.

Terra Nova baked french toast

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My Dad and I both went with the baked French Toast with apple topping.  Bacon, potatoes, cranberry juice and toast. Daughter requested the Bacon and Potato Quiche.

Terra Nova

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Breakfast was so tasty!  This is why you book at a B&B!  Great service and amazing breakfast!  And if I want my college pick to maybe be positively influenced I do what I can to help my odds. Daughter liked the school so hopefully I get to visit Terra Nova more often in the future!

More information here: http://www.terranovahouse.com/



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