When Travel is Eye Opening

I write about the hotels we stay in, cities we visit and deals that exist in the travel world. It is good times, family bonding but nothing deep.  I write about Fair Trade Friday and how important I think their work is. I preach to my Daughter about how we cannot be afraid of this world, to fly or about terrorism. I want her to try new things, eat that unknown food and step out of the box! Give back to this world as you go.

She stepped out of that box a couple of weeks ago when she went on a school mission trip to Lesotho. The group was gone for two weeks and spent most of that time in Lesotho which is surrounded by South Africa.  They stayed at an orphanage where they painted, built benches and helped with the children.  They worked hard and played hard.  They played soccer against the local teens and lost during the kick off.  They hiked a trail to see the waterfall one weekend.

Amazing trip!  So when Daughter developed her pictures last night we took some time to hear more about her time.  She showed up cute pictures of smiling kids and the work they had done.  I asked her about the first picture she sent back home over Facebook to me.  A cute little baby wrapped up with a little knit hat on.  She had said that night it was a new addition to the orphanage.  So when his photo popped up again in her pile of pictures I asked about him, saying how cute he was.  And she responded that someone had found him in a plastic bag along the road.

Let that sink in a little.     Found him in a plastic bag along the road.        For privacy I cannot show the picture she took of this cute little baby she is holding wrapped in two fleece blankets and a hat to warm him.  Still makes me cry now thinking about our conversation about him.  For as beautiful as Lesotho was it there are still problems like any other country. HIV/ Aids as well as high unemployment are really challenging Lesotho.

So I wanted to take a little space on my blog to tell you about the Beautiful Gate Orphanage.  They care for abandoned, neglected and orphaned kids from birth to age five.  They started in 2001 with seven children.  Now they often have sixty five kids in their care.  Her team helped with laundry, cleaning, feeding and playing with the kids.  It is a lot of work caring for these little ones!

Here is a link to their homepage: http://www.beautifulgatelesotho.org/

Beautiful Gate


Learn about the great things they are doing. Support them if you can!



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One thought on “When Travel is Eye Opening

  1. What a heartbreaking story! I cannot imagine finding a baby discarded in a plastic bag. Unimaginable to me. I did a mission trip to Haiti and visited 3 orphanages there. it was so rewarding and I want my daughter to have an experience like this, too. It’s life-changing. And as a mother, I know it’s a little scary to let them go to these parts of the world, but it’s wonderful that you were brave enough to let her. I hope I can be that brave, too.

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