It is Time for Fair Trade Friday!

It was a happy day when my Fair Trade Friday package was in my mailbox and not just junk mail.  You know Fair Trade Friday is my favorite day!

Fairtrade Friday July 2016

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First was the cute wallet.  I love the colors and the story behind it even more.

From Fair Trade Friday’s Facebook page ” Guerline is 22 years old. She’s a seamstress at Three Cords in Haiti. Her story, her faith, and her work are incredibly inspiring and an amazing example of the Lord;s redemption and restoration. In the earthquake of 2010, Guerline lost her arm when a wall fell upon her. This event was extremely difficult for her, as she was forced to relearn basic tasks such as buttoning her shirt or doing her hair. In addition, amputee victims are often viewed as outcast in Haitian culture, so lacking her arm led to much ridicule from others. In 2015, she was fitted for a prosthetic arm. Guerline was absolutely overjoyed to receive her arm, and it has been amazing seeing her thankfulness, faith, and joy every day. Guerline loves working at Three Cords because she has experienced a lot of hope for working with other women who are able to relate to her situation. she did the hand stitching that embellishes your (more than 1600 for our July box!) wallet using her good arm to stabilize the product and her teeth to pull the stitches through.
You can support these women at

Fairtrade Friday 2016

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And tucked inside was this beautiful necklace.  I love paper beads and this necklace from Back to Africa is beautiful!  My Daughter just spent a couple of weeks in Africa and I think she left a little of her heart in that beautiful land.

Fairtrade Friday 2016

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Fair Trade Friday is a monthly subscription box that tackles poverty through job employment.  More information here:



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