Where do You Want to Go?

This summer has been epic for our Daughter.  By definition:  “Slang. spectacular; very impressive; awesome”   Sounds like over kill but I can assure you epic fits.  While she has been off on a mission trip to Lesotho and then learning to be a camp counselor her parents have been working.  She was globe trotting, we ordered pizza and did not even do the dishes every night.

I had some Southwest airlines credit to use by fall. We booked our Christmas tickets and the price decreased after our booking, by over $70 each for Daughter and I.  (Husband travels less so I use the points on his tickets and IF I have to pay I do so on my account to earn more points.)  With Southwest you can re-book and either get a credit or the points back in your account if the price drops.  The credit is good for one year.

Husband was going on a guys fishing trip for almost a week so that gave us girls a guilt free travel pass. So in my mind I had a few places to check out in Florida, Seattle or even back to San Antonio for our girls weekend. I figured let Daughter choose where she wants to go, maybe some place I am not even thinking of going?  The requirements were the location needs to be on a Southwest airlines route and reasonable cost.  Has either Holiday Inn or Club Carlson hotels, and I need to travel from my home airport to get there.  And the sticking point was it had to be someplace that Dad really is not in a hurry to visit.

So she thought for a morning.  Asked a few questions and kept on thinking.  Where did she pick?  (I will be honest and say I really did not see this coming.) Savannah, GA.

That is what happens when you travel without your child, you end up going back to places with them.  Husband and I were here in 2014 for our anniversary, alone.  It was fun but I was in no hurry to go back.  Plus August is HOT! I was not that excited but she sure was!  A long girls weekend in Savannah and throwing in Charleston for good measure.

Savannah. Green Meldrim House

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One thought on “Where do You Want to Go?

  1. I love Southwest, I’ve been hoarding their points for years and am going to use it to go to Mexico next spring. 🙂 So glad your daughter is getting the chance to travel (and giving you a break!)

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