Savannah Candy Kitchen for Ice Cream

What is vacation without a little bending of the rules?  For Daughter and I that means a treat right before bed.  We took a quick walk (detour) to Savannah Candy Kitchen to grab a late night ice cream cone on our way back from the ghost tour.

This place is a candy heaven!  They give out samples of Pralines!!! What is not to love?  They are open until 11pm on the weekends, perfect for before bed snacks.

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City market ice cream savannah

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And if you are going to get ice cream before bed you might as well get a large waffle cone.  I chose creme brulee gelato for my cone. Daughter went with her standard chocolate.  A single waffle cone is $4.75 and plenty large! The creme brulee flavor was very tasty!

We sat outside in City Market listening to the band and people watching at 10:30 at night.  The area was still bustling and most of the stores were open. The fountain was turned off in the square but many families and adults were still relaxing.

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