A Planner Trying to be Flexible

If you know me you know I am a planner.  If the tour calls for cash I have it in an envelope marked with the date I need it and tour information.  I keep each trip on a spreadsheet.

My version of being flexible is walking into Ben & Jerry’s on the way back from the ghost tour.  I did not realize that would be an almost $15 decision (ouch) and I will be flexible elsewhere in the future with my late night ice cream runs.  I would rather keep late night ice cream visits to $10 and under!

So of course I had a plan for after our Charleston historic district tour, then I had to just let it go.  Daughter instead wanted to spend the day in Charleston again before we headed to the airport.  I had worked it out that we could swing out to the Angel Oak tree and then tour Drayton Hall before dropping the rental car off at the airport.  I had my $32 in my envelope marked “Monday – Drayton Hall”.  I was prepared!

What did we do instead?  We visited the Old Slave Mart Museum for an hour right after our tour.  I was unable to take photos but please visit the museum.  Its very well done and again reminds us how horrible slavery was.  Adults are $7 and kids 5-17 are $5.  The museum is closed on Sundays and open other days from 9-5. I have a history kid and I need to learn to roll with it.  More information on the Old Salve Mart Museum here: http://discoversouthcarolina.com/products/2691#/_=_

We walked back to a gallery we had passed on tour. Daughter purchased the keepsake she had been looking for. We talked with a very interesting man and met his dogs.  If we are ever in Charleston we will stop back at the W. Hampton Brand Gallery.

We spend some time in a cemetery we had visited on the ghost tour the night before. And we went window shopping in the stores along the market after we walked through the market vendors again.  We took a carriage tour with the money I had marked for Drayton Hall. And we laughed over a late lunch of Lobster Mac-n-Cheese before heading back to the airport.  Trying to be flexible!

Unitarian Cemetery

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