Swamp Tour at Lake Martin

Lake Martin

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We drove over to the Lafayette area specifically to be able to spend some time on Lake Martin.  I read several reports that I did not need to book ahead but to see how the weather was and then call that day to reserve a spot on a tour.  BAD ADVICE!  Do NOT do this!  It might be December but tours on Lake Martin are in high demand.  You can imagine my surprise when the first available tour was two days later when we were to be in Mississippi. This was not looking good!

I placed a couple of phone calls and left a couple of messages hoping we could somehow get on Lake Martin in the upcoming 36 hours.  While I took a shower Husband answered my phone to hear that the tours had no room.  Luckily a very nice lady from Acadiana Swamp Tours called back during breakfast and had room for the three of us later that afternoon. And she very graciously gave me excellent directions to the lake since we were having some GPS issues.  Saved!

Lake Martin

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We easily found where we were to meet Bryce and within a couple of minutes his boat pulled up.  Our tour was with another family of three and Bryce made sure to include everyone in conversation.

Lake Martin

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What a treasure they have in Lake Martin!  During our little over two hour tour we saw many alligators, turtles, birds and Cypress trees.

Tree swing Lake Martin

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Since the boat holds six people we had plenty of opportunities to take pictures of the wildlife.  Bryce even took several fun family pictures for us.

I also liked how the various tour guides on the lake worked together.  If someone saw a huge gator or a bunch of baby gators they called to make sure everyone saw it on their tour.  Like these two gators in the picture below.

Lake Martin Gators

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We pulled into a duck blind and he took a picture of us appearing to be stranded in the middle of the lake.

As we were finishing up the sun started to set for the evening.

Lake Martin

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What started out as a disappointing morning ended up being a blessing in disguise.  We had a tour guide that was perfect for our family.  And I will not even say who I had wanted to book with but instead encourage you to book with Bryce and Acadiana Swamp Tours.  It was an outstanding afternoon on Lake Martin and you could not find a better tour.

More information:  http://swamptoursofacadiana.com

For Reservations call: 337-342-3867

Daytime tours approximately 2 hours $20.00 per adult. $10.00 per child under 10 years old.

Night time tours approximately 2 hours $50.00 per person.

We also offer private tours, for just you and your guests by appointment $120.00

Our tours times are 8am, 10,am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm. Night time tours generally start between 8:30-9pm




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