Pack Your Corn?

What?  Pack your corn?  What in the world, why would you pack corn?

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Pack your corn 🌽

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I read a post on a Disney planning travel community back in 2004 that still sticks with me.  Partly because it was just so odd that I have a hard time visualizing it and to remind me that travel looks different for all of us.

The post was talking about families being able to afford vacation by cooking in their hotel rooms to offset the cost.  Some options were boiling hot dogs in the coffee maker, using the iron and some tin foil to make grilled cheese sandwiches.  Heating up soup in the coffee maker, spaghettios, ramen, oatmeal and boiling eggs.   The ideas were endless!

But what stuck with me was someone posting about a person sitting on a bench near the castle and popping open a can of corn for lunch.   Just try to picture that, amazing view on vacation digging into a can of corn.  That is dedication!  Doing whatever it takes to go on vacation, even if lunch is not an amazing character meal buffet.

So why am I talking about packing corn?  This travel hacking hobby allows us great opportunities that are not always at the most opportune times.  Something amazing pops onto our radar and with hotel points or airline miles we can take advantage of it.  Sometimes the trips are really tight so we are packing bagels and Poptarts to offset some costs.  Booking rooms with kitchenettes to cook a little, packing lunches and eating frozen pizza dinner.  So what if you have to “pack the corn” ?  You are still at the same amazing place having an great adventure.

What does your family do during travel to save money?  I am always looking for new ideas.




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