I chose the name stretchingittotravel because that is what our family does each day!  We have had some wonderful trips and experiences with family and friends in the past.  I hope to share how we do these trips so everyone can experience travel at a reasonable cost.

This blog will share airline and hotel promotions. Also saving money tactics that we use on our travels and how we save on everyday items.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you learn something new and this blog is helpful in some way.


Google map of our travels: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=z9AmSkkk0DLM.k0ZkHcaOpRck




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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I’m not much of a traveler — a real home-body, but I read your post on stockpiling and what a great hint. I’m sure that I’ll find more of your posts useful as well. Thanks again and hope to see you again.

  2. Thanks for visiting our blog 🙂 We are sure that you will have some tips that will be handy for us regarding making travel even more affordable. 🙂

  3. Thanks for visiting our blog, we’ll be posting more recipes this weekend and cool things to do in Hanoi if you’re making a trip to Vietnam.

  4. silverliningsanddustbunnies

    Nice place you’ve got here! Thank you for visiting my little blog and My Montana Backyard, and also for leaving a like!

  5. Travel affordable for the fam? Is that possible? That’s why I work for the airlines!

    • I had a good friend who worked for the airlines. It was great back in the 90’s when we could travel for the airport tax fee and there was room on the planes. Those days are gone…

      • I fly all the time and it’s free. Yes. It takes a bit if extra patience but I’ve only been bumped once.

  6. Thanks for liking my blog post “Early fun with Fireworks” I hope you stop by again. Traveling on a budget is becoming an art form for my family!

  7. Thanks for liking my post, Fire and Ice. Our traveling while we were raising our four kids was (mostly) camping in our home province of Ontario and infrequent trips to Trinidad where most of my wife’s family still reside. We retired in 2007 and since have gone further afield. We spend some of our savings every year now on travel – while we still have our health and our declining nest egg and the banks are still open… There are no guarantees in life. Good for you for realizing the value of seeing other places. Our adult children and grandchildren love to camp still, and are closer to nature than they otherwise would have been. Keep traveling and telling your stories!

  8. Thanks for dropping in at my place! Your travel-savings tips look great! Keep up the good work. Happy trails!

  9. Thank you for stopping by Packing my Suitcase! The idea of your blog is great and I will look forward to reading your posts 😀

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog…after Peru ended up being much more expensive than I anticipated, I could use some tips from your blog for my future travels 🙂

  11. What a great blog! Traveling can be so expensive, and I would imagine having a child in the family even more so! Thanks for sharing your experiences, and I really look forward to reading more!

  12. Hey there, thanks for following my blog! How did you find me? What did you like? Come back soon, don’t be a stranger. Off to browse through your blog now…

  13. Thanks for stopping by and liking a couple of my posts 🙂 It’s always nice to check out other sites and see what people are up to!

  14. It is just so inspirational to read about family like yours who save money to travel. Thank you for sharing your tips 🙂 Looking forward to read more.

    Thank you for your recent likes on my post as well.

  15. Thanks so much for stopping by my travel blog. Yours will be especially useful the next time I come to the USA.

  16. Thank you for visiting my little blog, travelling is my families passion so I was thrilled that you found me! Looking forward to reading your posts, we live in Australia and have a daughter living in New York.

  17. I am just beginning my travel blog and I really like yours. Good information.

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