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Pigeon Forge The Old Mill Dinner

I had read good things about the Old Mill for dinner and knew we had to try it.  For tourist places that do not take reservations we try to arrive a bit earlier than normal for dinner.  I hate to wait an hour so if I have to arrive at 5:20 to eat at a decent time so be it.

A round 5pm I said to husband I know its early but we should head out to dinner soon.  We crossed the very busy 321 at a crosswalk because that road was crazy busy!  Going one block from 321 put us on the very quiet River Road and a nice trail along the river.  People were fishing and wading in the water.

Old Mill Pigeon Forge

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Jackson Square in New Orleans

We found ourselves several times in Jackson Square.  Early morning, afternoon, late nights we kept passing through it.  It was also the meeting spot for our Free Tours by Foot tour so that is why we were there late at night.

You just never know what you are going to see here!

Jackson Square

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The Hare Brained Road Trip Continues at the Milwaukee Art Museum

After spending the morning at Discovery World we crossed the lawn to the Milwaukee Art Museum.  This building looks amazing outside! We did not get the opportunity to see the “wings” open but the building is impressive to say the least! Lunch was quick sandwiches we had stashed in a cooler in the trunk before entering the museum.


We were lucky as it began to pour once we entered the museum.  It was fun to watch the storm over Lake Michigan from the museum windows.

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