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Super 8 South Padre Island

We spent two nights at the Super 8 on South Padre Island, Texas.  We found a ridiculously cheap AA rate of $54 a night and combined with American Airlines Rewards tickets we had a cheap trip to Texas!

The Super 8 is more of a place where people stay for a week or so.  The room came with a kitchenette and some families were grilling outside their rooms in the parking lot.  We walked across the parking lot to the Big Donkey for Mexican food for dinner.  (Food was great!)


Beach access is up a block from the hotel on Gulf Blvd.  Daughter is old enough to carry her own items and we would walk to the beach each day.  I am very happy to pay $100 less a day and walk the 5 minutes to the beach.

There is a pool and hot tub at the Super 8.  Kind of different, they are behind a large locked gate to the front of the hotel… This pic is from Super 8. It was always dark when we got to the pool after dinner and watching the sunset.  The pool was very crowded each night but they never seems to stop kids.


We would stay at the Super 8 again. It was very clean and it didn’t bother me to have people cooking in the parking lot. I had read up on the hotel before we visited and was not surprised to see it.  If that gets someone a vacation and they are doing it safely and away from my room I could careless!

Super 8 South Padre Island

4205 Padre Boulevard, South Padre Island, TX 78597 US

More information can be found here:


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Travelodge on South Padre

We had a change of plans for our last night in southern Texas.  We were supposed to stay at the Casa De Palmas in McAllen.  I had the stay booked on a certificate so the night would be free.  But it was hot, we missed the beach and Daughter really wanted to surf again.  Back to South Padre for us!!!!


We found a reasonable last minute night at the AAA rate at the Travelodge South Padre of $89.  The Travelodge is two stories and an easment property on the beach.  They have beach access through a little (and by little I mean VERY narrow) walkway.  IF you meet someone with a cooler you need to back up…


The hotel also has a decent sized pool and hot tub for families.  The pool was very busy during our stay so daughter did not swim very long.

The rooms had been updated even though the hotel appeared to be older.

trav 2

We enjoyed our stay here immensely.  The dedicated beach walkway across the parking lot made it easy to pop out to the beach at dusk.  In under 3 minutes you were on the sand.

We are making plans to return to this hotel next summer.  The location is perfect for our family and the price is fantastic for a “beach” hotel.  I can walk 3 minutes to save $100 a night!


Travelodge South Padre Island

6200 South Padre Blvd, South Padre Island, TX 78597 US

More information can be found here :



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Itching to Travel Over Labor Day

On the up or down side (depending on how you look at it this miles/ points hobby) there is an itch to travel.  The Labor day weekend is coming up and I have hotel points and airline miles.  I also have nothing booked and something I should do on that Sunday.  But the little voice in my head says you have hotel rooms or a flight, find something!  Take that last summer family vacation!!!!  So while a couple of things are running in the back ground I went to just look at flight options…

Google Maps for flights is a great tool when you do not know where you want to go specifically!  Its great for giving me ideas for the family. I have my list but I know Husband does not want to visit Denver to see the Chihuly installation at the botanical gardens next week.  And Daughter would love to go back to New York, that is not on Husbands list either.  We need a neutral ground location that is probably going to include a beach.


Google flight maps allows you to enter dates, your departure airports and then it shows flight prices to various cities.  It would be $450 rt to Brownsville if we made a beach/ seafood run.  Or $305 rt to Tampa if we wanted to visit Clearwater Beach for the weekend.




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Holiday Inn Brownsville, Tx

When our flight was canceled from Brownsville to Dallas the airline put us up in the Holiday Inn Brownsville.  The hotel is older but was well maintained.  They had two outdoor pools, one in the courtyard of the hotel and one pool behind the hotel.

The courtyard pool flowed under the wall into the restaurant area.Image



The rooms were large and comfortable. We had dinner in the hotel as we were stuck without a car, the food was good and service was fast.  The hotel was not even half full so it was a quiet night.

The hotel was nice but a bit of a drive from the airport, we used their hotel shuttle to get us back and forth. The shuttle was a bit odd since it was an older mini van, nothing that said Holiday Inn on it.

The hotel on the weekends was $75 and around $70 during the week. Its a cool old hotel but not really near anything but the highway.



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