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Buying Beef by the Quarter

We have in the past purchase half a pig at a time.  This works well for our family and we eat off it for a long time.  The price is much less than paying store retail!  I visited the butcher planning on purchasing half a pig again.  Pork was priced at $1.99 a pound, up a bit from time.  They had a sign up for beef hind quarter at $3.59 a pound.  Hey now!

For the extra bit I would rather have a freezer full of beef!  So I made a phone call to my husband to see what his thoughts were and he was on board.  They were going to cut it the next week so I had a little time to figure out a freezer strategy!

The butcher went over with me how I wanted it cut.  How many steaks in a pack and how thick to cut the steaks.  How many pounds of ground beer per pack? Did I want hamburger patties?  Did I want soup bones?

The hanging weight of our quarter was 185lbs.  I weighed my bags of meat when we came home and I had 108lb of meat.  Almost 30 packages of ground beef that will last us a long time!  And bunches of steaks, that is what husband is happiest about.


So the cost was $664.15 for my 108 pounds.  We will see how long it takes us to go through the beef.  It will be a refreshing change from pork this summer.  And I will admit that you don’t want to try to get anything from the freezer right now…. Its in there like a puzzle and I don’t want to admit how much I was sweating if it would all fit! We might have had to pull out the next couple of nights meals to make it go.

Here is a link to my post about buying Pork:

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How do you purchase your meat?

IF I have the space and money I prefer to purchase my meat in bulk at the butcher shop.  This entails having $100- $300  to spend and a mostly empty freezer.  Previous trips I have paid $1.59 a pound but as pork is going up this time I was very happy to only pay $1.75 a pound.  And you don’t want to do this on a very hot day or you need several coolers, the meat is frozen but smaller packs of bacon might thaw.

At the butcher shop they will show you the sheets for the meat they have available. This shows how the meat is broken up, the hanging weights, what is smoked and the final cost.

Mine went like this the last time:

Hanging Weight #147

Price/lb 1.75

Smoking $26.25

Total $283.50

Chops 4 in a package

Smoked Ham and Steaks

Spare Ribs

Fresh Picnic Ham

Steaks 2 in a package

Seems simple enough, and it looks like this all laid out… Image

This time my pig was cut into a 5lb pack of spare ribs, 10 1-1 1/2 lb packs of bacon, 8 huge ham steaks, 2 5 lb + fresh picnic hams, 5 packs of pork steak 2 1/2lb +,  26 1lb packs of sausage, 2 smoked hams around 4 1/2 lb each, and 7 packs of pork chops around 3 1/2 lbs each.

Usually I try to get my pig around 90-100 lbs.  This one is the largest I have ever had and getting it into the freezer was a bit challenging!


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