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Carnival Inspiration Cruise for our Anniversary

We like to travel for our anniversary, by the time spring rolls around we are ready to head someplace warm!  For this anniversary we chose a Carnival cruise.  This was our second Carnival cruise and it fit the bill for a long weekend getaway.


We set sail from Tampa which is a very easy port.  We used a taxi from the hotel and were dropped off right in front of the entrance. You take your carry on with you on the ship and we had drinks on the deck while we waited for our room to be available.


We like an ocean view room and booked the cheapest we can in that category.  You are never in the room much anyway so why spend more money on a larger room?


A fun fact was we had taken this same ship years earlier on our honeymoon for a week long Caribbean cruise.  They had refurbished it and moved it to a new port.


This mini water park was definitely new to the ship!


The mini golf was hard to play with the wind and the ship moving.  Husband thinks he won!


The pool area where pretty much we spent most of our time by day and night.


And at the pool area I enjoyed this functional but fun pina colada drink holder…



I love sunsets at sea!

And after visiting Grand Cayman when the ship turned to leave port this poor person got quite a surprise hours after the rain had ended.



We would cruise Carnival again.  I know if the past they have had their issues but we have never had a problem. During the swine flu outbreak they had Purell hand sanitizer every where. And crew members handled the buffet by serving you. There was little opportunity to touch anything in a public area.  They even manned most of the busy doors in public areas. I was impressed and used every Purell dispenser I saw.







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How the heck did we end up seeing the chicken cross the road in Grand Cayman?


Not sure why the chicken crossed the road but the cars stop for them in Grand Cayman.


We were planning a carnival cruise for our anniversary when the swine flu hit the media.  No big deal, wash the hands a lot and carry on with life was our plan.

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