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Dressing Downton Exhibit in South Bend

My Daughter and I used to eagerly await Sunday nights for the next Masterpiece episode of Downton Abbey.  Just before 9pm my husband would retreat to the bedroom to watch something else and we would grab a snack to watch what wit the Dowager Countess would share that Sunday night. There were nights we screamed at the tv like when Matthew had his accident and nights we went to bed smiling over Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes.  Melted my heart watching them wade into the ocean hand and hand.  So of course when we heard there was a clothing exhibit from our favorite characters we had to view it.

We had wanted to view it when in Chicago but we were unable to find tickets for dates that worked with our schedule.  I hunted down a listing and found it would be in South Bend, Indiana in the fall.  I made it a point to sign up for the museums newsletters and Facebook page to know when I could purchase tickets.  In August I was able to purchase tickets and we had been eagerly awaiting the opening date in mid-October.

This weekend the exhibit opened in South Bend and we drove over on Sunday to have a look.  Tickets were $13 for youth 6-17 and $18 for adults.  We purchased the combo ticket that gave us entrance to the museum, dresses, Studebaker museum and Oliver Mansion. Upon arrival we were given a sticker that shows what ticket we purchased and we were immediately able to enter the Downton Exhibit.

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Dressing Downton

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We excited to view the well laid out exhibit.  Costumes lined both sides of the walkway and great descriptions of the gown and time period were listed.

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