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Flying Frontier Airlines

Through Airfare Watchdog I saw a great fare for $84 rt on Frontier from Detroit to Dulles.  I had never flown them before but how bad can it be?

I was pleasantly surprised and would easily fly them again.  (We are looking at them again for a return to DC.) The economy flight is what we purchased which meant we paid $3 for seat selection and if we had taken a large carry on we would have had to pay for it.

We also took on our backpacks for free with just what we needed for a couple of days.  We did the same thing on our short New York trip.  We have it sorted out to what we truly need to carry with us and always have room for a souvenir or two.

“You may carry-on one personal item that fits under the seat. This item must not exceed 18″ x 14″ x 8″ in dimension, inclusive of all handles, wheels, and straps.”

Personal items include:

  • Handbag, purse, or pocketbook
  • Backpack
  • Briefcase
  • Laptop computer, with or without a bag

We were not sure how strict they would be so we measured twice.  Upon boarding there was easily plenty of overhead space and we were not forced to have them by our feet on either flight.

You do not get free drinks, free peanuts or free crackers.  For $84 I will buy my own IF I need to have a snack.  Pop and beer was offered for sale on the flight but we did not see many takers.

The flight crews were great on both flights.  The only word of warning is do NOT try to switch to an open seat.  You will sit in what you paid for, moving to a stretch seat will get you an offer to pay for the upgrade or a request to move back to your seat.  We saw a woman try to do it twice in two different rows, she was caught by two diff attendants and sent back. It was kinda funny but just an FYI.

All in all we had a great flight. I was thrilled with the price and we would love to fly Frontier again if they are offering round trip flights that reasonable!


Picture from the Denver Post.

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Detroit Airport Qwik Park

As part of our Fairfield Inn package we had parking at the next door Qwik Park.  We have utilized Qwik park at this airport and others in the past.  I hate schlepping my luggage through the airport and trying to remember where I parked.

Qwik Park makes airport parking much easier. Upon arrival you are given a dated ticket and asked what airline you are flying on.  They direct you to a lettered parking area, this time we were in “I”.  The Qwik Park mini bus follows your car while you park.  They give you a parking slip with the location of your car and a phone number if you need to contact them.

The driver helps you load your items and drops you curbside outside your airline.  Even though you are parking off site I often feel I am at my airline faster than parking at the airport.  When you arrive after your flight head down to the outside transportation shuttles.  I have never waited more than five minutes for a Qwik Park shuttle. I have never had to call for a pickup.  This trip a shuttle was already waiting in the pickup area.

The Qwik Park shares a drive with the Fairfield Inn.  They offer a AAA discount and coupons on their website.  More information can be found here:

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Sometimes the Hotel Package is a Good Deal

We just completed our trip to DC.  What a great time it was, we learned and laughed a lot! It was great to spend time with my sister and watching Daughter experience her first college visit.

Part of this trip was driving over to Detroit airport and spending the night prior to our 8am flight.  It either had to allow us to park at the hotel for a few days or be cheap enough to not make me cringe when I had to pay for parking elsewhere.

We ended up going with the Fairfield Inn and Suites package that included parking.  For $119 we were able to utilize up to 8 days parking at the next door Qwik Park.  Parking alone at Qwik Park would have been over $37. IF you did 8 days parking you would have had $72 in parking at Qwik Park included in the $119 rate.

Check in was a bit busy with one desk clerk but she quickly breezed through the line.  We were given a parking voucher and the option to drop our car that evening and book a shuttle for the morning.

We had a two bed queen room with a very large bathroom. The carpet and paint seemed to have been recently completed in our room.  And a plus with our late arrival the pool is open 24 hours.


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The Hard Decision

I had a hard decision the other day regarding our upcoming DC trip.  I am still not sure IF this was the best choice but what to do?

For kicks I checked Hotwire for my dates that I need an airport hotel in Detroit.  We are meeting my sister the night before our flight and driving to DTW airport.  The Westin (only hotel with 4 stars and all the requirements) was on Hotwire for $103 a night.  My brain is screaming Westin $103 instead of their hotel rate of $279.  Really nice hotel for $103!!!!!  Book it!!!!

I had booked the Fairfield Inn with parking for 8 nights at $119 a few weeks earlier.  Honestly I wanted to dump my Fairfield reservation.  I could still park at the Qwik park for $37 for our trip and the total difference with parking was around $25.  I really, really wanted to book it!!!!! I avoid Priceline when I need two beds just in case the hotel is unable to grant that request.

But the practical side of me took over.  We will not arrive at the hotel until around 9pm.  We need to leave out of a different terminal than the hotel is in around 6:30 am.  Not a huge deal but something we need to leave time for.  I would have to pay for breakfast either at the airport or at the Westin so that was an added cost.  Really in the room for less than 9 hours…

It did not make sense to book the Westin even thought I really, really wanted to.  And i will earn Marriott rewards on the Fairfield even though I am splitting the cost with my sister.   Sometime I am going to stay at the Westin before a trip and hope I get a room that faces the planes.


Photo from Tripadvisor

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