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Visiting Vermilionville in Lafayette

I had plans to spend around 24 hours in Lafayette on our trip.  We wanted to tour Lake Martin and then fill our time in around our swamp tour.  I gave the family the option to tour the Alexadre House, Vermilionville or the science museum.  They said they were house toured out and not up for thinking.  (Her words.) So we set off for Vermilionville.

Vermilionville is right near the Lafayette airport and situated along the river. The small village shows the life of Creole and Acadian historic life. They moved several original homes to this location and show life from the late 1700’s to 1890s.


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Fun Times at the French Market

I love a good artisan market and hunt them down when we travel.  New Orleans has one along the river on the edge of the French Quarter.  We visited twice during our trip.  The first time was Christmas Eve and then again on a Monday. Each time we found different items.

French Market New Orleans

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As usual, the market has t-shirts, souvenirs, art, music and food.

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Beach Break – Lettuce Lake Park near Tampa Hike

I love to hike with my family out of state. Its fun to look for other animals, and to see other landscape than what we have at home.  This park was a little tricky for my GPS to find.  It kept putting us in a business park up the street from where we really needed to be. But it was so worth the U-turns to get to the park!

I like to do things that are fun yet cheap, this is a perfect example! Just $2 a car load to enter.  We parked near the visitors center to use the bathroom before our hike.  There were examples of local wildlife and a nice little log book for people to enter what animals they had seen on the boardwalk path.  A group of young children had visited just before us and one child wrote he had seen “a big black snack!”  So we had to keep our eyes open for a big black snack according to Daughter.  We got quite the chuckle out of it as we walked the beautiful boardwalk.


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