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Charleston Unitarian Church Graveyard

On our ghost tour the night before we were told the story of Ann Ravenel at the Unitarian Graveyard entrance on King Street.  Before we walked on to our next ghost stop my Daughter was talking about visiting here in the daylight.  After our time at the Slave Museum we walked the few blocks over to the small brick wall and gate area between two shops and across from the library on King Street.

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Unitarian Cemetery

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There is a small brick path way that leader further back towards the Unitarian Church. There were a couple of benches and it was almost like an over grown park.  Such an interesting place! Towards Archdale Street the graveyard widens and has more pathways through the tangles.

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When I received the surprise email from Wyndham hotels on my Go Fast redemption I clicked on a link that took me to Viator a booking site for tours and activities.  I figured the prices would be so inflated that my $10 code would not be worth using but I poked around for curiosity.

They offered food tours, carriage rides, walking tours, and ghost tours.  I know Daughter loves a good ghost tour so I tried to figure who the vendors were for the seven tours listed.  A little leg work and I knew that most of the prices were the same as the companies websites, so I was not paying inflated prices which was a pleasant surprise.  The down side is one very popular company was not booking on Viator for their weekend tours.  Bummer, so if I wanted to go into the jail on their tour I could not use my $10 voucher as we were only in Charleston for the weekend.

One tour had great reviews and was actually priced less on Viator than on the company website.  Chilling Charleston Macabre Ghost Tours by Ashley on the Cooper Walking Tours.  So I could use my $10 discount code from Wyndham that I received by booking a hotel on points! I love this crazy hobby! The tour cost on Viator is $15 a person.  After applying my gift code I paid $20 total for the two of us to book the ghost tour at 9pm.

We met our tour on the steps of the Gibbes Museum of Art just a block up from our hotel.  It had been plenty hot during the day so I happy to be touring in the dark. We easily found our guide and waited for the other guests to arrive while we chatted with her. Its easy to see she loves what she does!

Our tour took us around different sites in the city and gave us spots to sit along the way.  We heard about Zoe at Poogan’s Porch, Anna Ravenal, and Lavinia at each location.  Our tour took around 90 minutes and was very entertaining.  We would recommend it! Tours are offered at 7 and 9pm.

More information here:

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Macabre Ghost Tour

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Savannah Creepy Stroll Ghost Tour

My Daughter loves to go on ghost tours.  Each time we visit a new city she has the request that I look to see if there is a ghost tour.  Last time in Savannah we did the Creepy Crawl.   This was a lot of fun but also an adult activity.  The same company does a kid friendly tour.

We arrived at the main gate to Colonial Park Cemetery at 8:20 for our 8:30 tour.  A few minutes before 8:30 the rest of our tour arrived. A troop of Girl Scouts and their parents from South Carolina.


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Bad Wolf Ghost Tours San Antonio

We have in the past taken a couple of ghost tours in historic cities.  We find they mix a bit of history with an embellished tour that is a good way to see a new city. Usually I find them on Groupon and this time was no exception.

We purchased a Groupon for our family during a Groupon sale which took the $32 Groupon down to $25.60 total.  Not bad for a nights entertainment plus tip.    This time we booked with Bad Wolf Ghost Tours.  They are really easy to work with, call them up and reserve your tour time.  It was easy to find our guide in from of the Alamo and our entire group arrived a few minutes early which means we get to start on time at 8pm.

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The tour is maybe a mile total in length.  You meander around town and over the Riverwalk.  The old hotel stories are very interesting.  I think our tour was almost an hour and a half.

Each family was given an EMF sensor to carry. Our Daughter carried our but it was a quiet night, nothing really set it off on our tour.

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Ghost tour

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I think there was maybe 10-12 in our group.  Perfect size for a tour. And a mix of girls out for a weekend to families with kids 10 and over.

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Ghost tour

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We had fun and heard some history on our tour.  There are some great old buildings in San Antonio as you walk around. The next morning on my run I went back past the theater and few others to see them better in the day light.  And these tours are a great way to get a little bit of the cities orientation in your head.

Regular price is $15 a person and $10 for kids 12 and under.

More information here:

Reservations and Inquiries 805-757-0512

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Savannah Ghost Pub Crawl – Good Creepy Fun

This was our first pub crawl so I really had no expectations.  I thought it might be some corny ghost stories and a couple of beers while we listen.  I had no idea that we would hit 5 places or that we would have so much fun with strangers. The five bar stops might have helped with that…

I knew roughly where our first bar was by Chippewa square. We donned our ponchos and ran through the rain to arrive at 7:55 for the 8pm tour.  It was not raining as hard on the way so I was really, really hoping it would stop as we walk to the bars.  We found Tiffany right away and found out we were the only ones for our tour that had arrived yet.  Might as well get a drink while we wait!  I had a Strongbow and husband had a Bud Light.  They were poured into glow in the dark cups that advertised our pub crawl. It was a nice touch!


Another couple made it through the rain and introduced themselves to us while we waited for the other 12 to make their appearance. Tiffany had been calling everyone and trying to get the group together. I imagine being a tour guide in the area has to be a frustrating job if everyone is always late!  I would go nuts!  By 8:30 we had our group in the bar and ordering drinks. The rain had let up and it was time to get the show on the road.

From Six Pence we went to Mc Donoughs and on to 17hundred 90.   17 hundred 90 has this creepy mannequin in the hallway window. And we ran into the delightful couple who had rented the haunted room without intending too. They had booked it on Expedia. We all had a laugh over their reaction as they listened to our guide. Glad I was not sleeping there, sad story and creepy experiences.

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USS Yorktown Ghost Tour – Charleston Patriots Point

When I went looking for things to do in Charleston I came across the USS Yorktown. We have toured a few ships and I thought this would be fun. Husband saw they had a ghost tour and picked this as his “thing to do” for the trip. (Usually we each pick a place, tour, or restaurant that we are doing. This way everyone is happy.)

The ghost tour is offered nightly Sunday to Thursday at 8pm and Friday / Saturday at 9:30pm. We had to do Friday night as it was the only night that worked for us. I would recommend Sunday through Thursday if you can.  The cost is $25, you pay in advance on the website. And the tour is for ages 12 and up because #1 you are on the ship and #2 it can be scary!

To be fair a good deal of our experience was beyond the tour guides control.  You cannot control other people but it was frustrating and not a great start!  You are asked to arrive by 9:15. We were a little early and there at 9:10. There are bathrooms and an area with picnic table to wait for the tour to start.  By 9:30 the rest of our tour group had not arrived.  But the 9:45 tour group had all their people and set off into the ship.  While Husband and I waited. Tour guide called the missing people and had no response.  We waited until 9:45 when they finally showed up.  A drunken bunch of college guys in town for a bachelor party.  Yayyy!  It sucked, this is not how I wanted to take a ghost tour with a bunch of loud obnoxious young drunks.  After putting up with them for ten minutes I was considering just bailing on our tour and asking for a refund. We had not even boarded the ship yet.

The tour guide had some reservations if the guys could even make it onto the ship, let alone climb ladders or take a tour. So he bumped us to the 9:45 group that had already begun the tour.  We hustled to meet them on the ship with their guide.  We had missed the opening 10 -15 minutes of the tour and the background video.

Things improved greatly from there and we had a good tour of the ship.  We heard about the unfortunate accidents that befell some of the crew members. And about others ghostly encounters recently aboard the ship.  We also had an EMF detector that went off in a hallway once.  It was fun and we did have a good time.



The ship was featured on the show Ghost Hunters.



You will be climbing ladders, ducking through doorways and obviously are in a ship. So dress accordingly and watch your head. Our tour lasted almost two hours and while we didn’t see any ghosts it was interesting.  The drunk group was long gone by the time we left the ship so who knows how much they really saw.

Please, if you are doing a tour be on time! Almost every tour we took on this vacation we had people who were late.  It was one of the more frustrating aspects of this trip.

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