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Grills Riverside for Rock Shrimp

We had eaten some very good meals while on vacation and wanted our final meal to top our trip off.  We settled on Grills Riverside in Melbourne because they had shark on the menu.  Husband has a food bucket list and shark was on it.

We arrived around 5:30 since we had skipped lunch.  We had been too full from Sun on the Beach to even consider lunch! The indoor restaurant tables were pretty empty but the outdoor bar area was busier.

Our server was great, very quick and helpful with our menu questions.  Daughter and Husband started with a rock shrimp appetizer.  They died and went to heaven!  It was their first sample of rock shrimp and once they got them peeled they were in love. Daughter was hoarding them on her plate and there might have been some food stealing going on.

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Grills Riverside rock shrimp

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For our entrees Daughter got a burger, Husband had the shark kabobs and I had the chicken.  Daughter even like the piece of shark she tried.  My chicken was very good and Daughter inhaled her burger.  We even discussed getting another order of rock shrimp for dessert but then Husband figured they were full enough.

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Grills Riverside shark kabob

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When we were heading out a band was setting up to play outside on the deck. We had visited the Grills in Port Canaveral before but we think the one in Melbourne is much better!

More information here:

Grills Riverside
6075 N. US1
Melbourne, FL 32940

Lets just end with IF you have the opportunity to try rock shrimp, do NOT pass it by.  Today again Daughter commented on how she wished she had some rock shrimp right now.

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