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Days Inn Mattress Run

Recently I made a mattress run to finish out a Wyndham promotion at a Days Inn in Holland, Michigan.  What is a mattress run?  Its a cheap quick stay to optimize a points or status promotion with a hotel group.  The Days Inn was cheap and I spent roughly an hour at the hotel.

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Days Inn Holland

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Double Tree Holland Michigan

We ended up crashing at the Double Tree in Holland when snow forced us off the highway.  No one as going anywhere that night and many people were hitting hotels.  We quickly went online and booked a night at the Double Tree in Holland.  When we drove up a little later we were given our cookie at check-in and off to our room.

Being pretty full we were given a 4th floor room facing the highway.  No big deal, I did not hear highway noise at night and with the snow the road was pretty empty.

We had a standard two queen room.

Being more of a conference hotel they had a desk instead of a table in the room.

They had a great pool area that we wished we had been able to use.  Not planning on a stay we did not have our suits with us.  There is a hot tub and ping pong in the area.

Being Gold I had free breakfast in the am.  This was the highlight of our stay, sad but true.  The waitress was very friendly and efficient.  The french toast bake, bacon, fresh berries and potatoes were very good.

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Double Tree Holland breakfast

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Why was breakfast the highlight?  Its the little things…

I severely dislike having the back of the tv remote dangling each time you pick it up.  And if you remove it the batteries fall out when you set if down. (Tried it and didn’t want to shlep out to the front desk for some tape in my pj’s.)  Housekeeping had to have touched the remote at some point right?

And then later when I was chilly I attempted to quickly run a bath to soak my cold feet.  The hot water pressure on the 4th floor was very low.  It took well over 20 minutes to get that tub 1/4 of the way full.  I gave up at that point and soaked my feet/ankles for a bit while reading on the edge of the tub.

Now these things really are not that big of a deal unless you are crabby from a snow storm.  Add in an idling snow plow driver at 4am right under your window and you can see how breakfast was the highlight of my stay.

Would we stay again?  I will say yes to any port in a storm, the Residence Inn was full so I ended up here.  IF we had our suits and planned to swim the night in the pool followed by a tasty breakfast again then yes.  Otherwise I think I will pass in the future.

More information here:

650 East 24th Street, Holland, Michigan, 49423

Regular rate is $119 a night or $113 with a AAA card.



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