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Lovers Key State Park

If you are a regular reader of Stretchingittotravel you know we love activities that are low cost.  State parks are great places to visit due to their cheap cost and many activities.

We spent a few nights at Fort Myers Beach with the intention of visiting Lovers Key State Park.  We arrived around 9am Christmas morning to a rapidly filling parking lot.  Admission for the day is $8 a car and the park is open from 8am to sunset daily.




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Lovers Key State Park

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We waited a bit for a trolley to drop us near the waterfront.  There was some confusion as to if the trolley ran on Christmas so we ended up walking the short path to the beach.

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Airfare Search on ITA Matrix

I used to love Kayak to search for airfare, it still works for me but I prefer the functionality I get with the ITA Matrix program.  The ITA program allows me to enter all the airports I am wiling to use, not limited to four like on Kayak.  There are often five or six airports I am willing to drive to if the price is right, I can search them all at the same time on the matrix.

On the first screen enter your airports, trip length and other options. If you take some time you can search by airline code also.


Screen two shows you the dates with the cheapest flights based on your calendar dates and trip length.


Click on the starting date you wish to book or learn more about and screen three opens to the flight information.


Unlike Kayak tickets cannot be purchased by a direct link, print out the flight times you desire and book them directly on the airline you are flying with.

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