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Beach Break – Lettuce Lake Park near Tampa Hike

I love to hike with my family out of state. Its fun to look for other animals, and to see other landscape than what we have at home.  This park was a little tricky for my GPS to find.  It kept putting us in a business park up the street from where we really needed to be. But it was so worth the U-turns to get to the park!

I like to do things that are fun yet cheap, this is a perfect example! Just $2 a car load to enter.  We parked near the visitors center to use the bathroom before our hike.  There were examples of local wildlife and a nice little log book for people to enter what animals they had seen on the boardwalk path.  A group of young children had visited just before us and one child wrote he had seen “a big black snack!”  So we had to keep our eyes open for a big black snack according to Daughter.  We got quite the chuckle out of it as we walked the beautiful boardwalk.


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