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The Hare Brained Road Trip – Eating in Milwaukee or Trying to

We often eat frugally on our trips to save up money for other things. Breakfast each morning was in the hotels. For lunch we packed sandwiches and chips from the first nights grocery stop.

This trip we used an Outback coupon for dinner and Daughter ate a kids meal the first night. It was connected to the Country Inn and Suites so very convenient.

And for night two we had a Groupon for Tazino’s Pizza which offered a buffet, $10 for $20 worth. Sort of like a Cici pizza but a little nicer. This was a ten minute drive from the Radisson.

Our final night was in downtown Milwaukee, we wanted to treat my sister to some good German food.  We were staying at the Hilton City Center and walked to Old World 3rd Street for our dinner. (That walk could be its own blog post, there are some interesting people in that town.)  We planned to stop at Usingers but they were closed for a funeral, I wanted to purchase some sausages to take home to Husband. We love Usingers!

Next interesting stop was the Wisconsin Cheese Mart.  Daughter is a cheese lover!  And she was itching to introduce Aunt to the sample plate nosh we do.  We ordered the Sausage sampler and the cheese plate with the aged cheddar.  Split three ways it was a great appetizer like start for our night. .

Next I planned to hit Mader’s for dinner, I had read hit or miss reviews on Mader’s over at Tripadvisor.  The food sounded great but the service sounded spotty.  We definitely experienced spotty!  We looked at the menu outside to ensure Aunt would enjoy the food. She found something that she would eat and we found a booth in the bar area.  And we waited. The bartender would look at us, and we waited. When the waitress walked past us to the next table we figured she would come right to us. And we waited.  It was very uncomfortable, even Daughter said how much longer?  Then we had a discussion about should we walk up to the bartender who was looking at us and ask for service? Or do we wait? And at which point does it become borderline that if you ask for service are you asking for a spit salad?  (It was an interesting conversation.)  After our discussion said waitress came back and took the payment from the table next to us, never acknowledging us. And the bartender keep looking at us for the fifteen minutes so we gave up.  Obviously for whatever reason we were not going to get service at Mader’s.  I was irritated! I really, really wanted to try Maders.

So we came up with plan B, the Old German Beer Hall. We were greeted once we came in the door! Communal long tables, stump to drive nails in and sausages/pretzels on the menu. We shared pretzels, Landjar, Fried Cheese Curds, Obzatzter (Daughter loved this!!!!) and Bratwust. We enjoyed our dinner and entertaining company.  This was not really the meal I had in mind to show my sister German food, but it was fun instead!



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