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The Hare Brained Road Trip Continues – Milwaukee County Zoo

We had a zoo membership that has AZA reciprocal admission so we used the pass at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  We had stopped at the Jelly Belly Visitors Center in the morning so it was around noon when we arrived at the zoo. It was hot enough that we debated even going to the zoo or waiting for the next morning to visit. Since it was supposed to rain the next day we put on our sunscreen and hit the zoo.

Our admission was free for the three of us but parking was still $12.  IF we had paid admission is $14.25 for adults and $11.25 for kids ages 3-12.  We would have paid $51.75 for the three of us to visit the zoo, glad I paid $12.

As I said it was hot, so we alternated into buildings whenever possible.  In spite of the heat the animals were very active.


We stepped into buildings to break up the heat.


The hippo had the right idea, we needed to cool down somehow.

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I love me some deal sites!


How do we do this?

#3 Use deal sites!

Use Groupon, Living Social or any deal site you can find! I used to really, really LOVE Groupon.  They had all these great deals and it was love at first site for me.  It has been a bit since I have bought a Groupon, but I still check them out when I am planning to travel.  Watch your dates; some deals are valid for 30 days and others for 180 days. Don’t buy a deal that will expire before your trip.

Also seek out local deal sites for where you are visiting. Groupon had almost nothing for the area of Texas we were visiting, so I went to Google for a search.  I came up with Action 4 Deals on Valley Central’s page.   A check of this page every few days netted us dinner at Ranch House burgers $10 for $20 worth of food.

Ranch House Burgers was very tasty, a place we most likely would have never heard of otherwise.  And our bill was around $25 + tip before I gave her the deal paperwork.  $10 saved isn’t a ton, but it was a little more than the cost of my meal.

And these deals are not limited to food.  Use them for tours, recreation, and memberships. Early last year I bought a Groupon for a family zoo membership in Florida for $30.  The cost for our family to visit that zoo would have been $41 for just 1 day.  And the zoo membership reciprocates to other associated zoos.  So for my $30 membership we visited Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Milwaukee Zoo, John Ball Zoo, Tampa Lowry Park Zoo in addition to the Brevard Zoo I purchased it for. That was a great purchase!

By the way, the bears at the Milwaukee zoo were a riot! Check them out if you are ever in the area.

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