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Seadog Lake Michigan Boat Cruise in Chicago


We purchased a groupon for the Seadog boat cruise in Chicago. The boat leaves from Navy Pier and offers a lakefront speed boat ride or an extreme thrill ride.  We did the lakefront speedboat ride.


The speedboat ride was plenty fast and fun for us. You ride up and down the Chicago coastline, stopping at points for photos and more information on the city.

We rode on Father’s day weekend, so the lake was still pretty cold.  I would suggest taking a sweatshirt or sweater if you ride in the early summer.


We enjoyed the ride and would do it again if we had the time.

Normal cost is for an adult is $27.95 and children 3-12 are $18.95.  More information can be found here:


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Bubba Gump Shrimp – Navy Pier Chicago

My Daughter loves to eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp on Navy Pier.  I think its because they have cool light up glasses and kids meals that come in a boat.


Every time she orders the kids mac-n-cheese at $5.99. Comes with fries and fruit.


I usually order the chicken cordon blue sandwich at $11.99, this past time I went with the burger at $10.99Image

And husband had the I’m stuffed shrimp at $17.89.

Since it was my birthday we had $25 off our lunch. See how the Landry’s select club works for us here:



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Chicago Sea Dog Boat Cruise on Groupon

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Chicago Flower and Garden Show at Navy Pier

We visited the Chicago Flower and Garden Show in March held at Navy Pier.  To be fair I had heard from a few people that it was not really worth a visit.  But I was looking for anything that would remind me of spring. It has been such a long cold winter and I really wanted to see some flowers.  What I thought the FLOWER and GARDEN show would encompass is not what was really exhibited.   Maybe call it the Chicago Landscaping show?

Tickets were $17 on the weekday, $19 on the weekend and children 4-12 were $5 each.  The show ran for two weeks toward the end of March.  I had heard on the radio that tickets were only $10 each if you visited Friday or Saturday nights after 5pm on the last weekend.  I didn’t want to pay full price for something I was iffy on to begin with.

We walked to Navy pier from our hotel a little after 6pm, the nice walk was a little over a mile.  The weather was warm and there were lots of people out walking toward the lakefront.  Seemed like a good sign and it got me in the spring mood!

We arrived to one open ticket window with no wait.  (In fact there were very few people in the general area.)  For $20 we had our admission to the show!  Up the escalator to the 2nd floor show area.



This is the entrance to the show…




There were several display areas.




A floral artist area



Lots of interesting landscape ideas






And several backyard options.




And beautiful displays…

 DSCN0893   DSCN0894


But the real flowers to be seen for were for sale in the market place. Bummer!


These shovels were interesting.



I did see some unusual things, like a waterfall table.





I was hoping for more flower displays.



Maybe new flower varieties, or some hybrids. Anything flower related!



IF you want to visit I would recommend weekend nights. As you can see by the pictures there were very few people around.  It took us about an hour and half to leisurely see everything there was offered.  Really, if I had spent $19 a person I would have been very disappointed.  I did not expect alot going in but I expected to see flower information.



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Snow Days Festival at Navy Pier

I love to do free things whenever possible. Sometimes we hike, spend the day on the beach or go to a festival. Rarely the free event is a flop but more often than not it ends up being something we enjoyed.  This was one we all enjoyed on our weekend to Chicago.

Navy Pier puts on a Snow Days festival in February.  The majority of the festival was in the park in front of Navy Pier. There you could find the snow sculptures, snow board trial for little kids and snow painting.  Inside we saw penguins from Shedd Aquarium.

1117 1112

It was amazing to see the detail the teams put into their work.


This one was my daughters favorite.


And we had to try our hand at snow painting. I thought there would be a cost or we would need to make a donation. Nope, FREE!


Halfway thru the sculptures we went inside to warm up and check out the penguins.  The kids loved seeing them waddle around.


We finished our free afternoon with lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp using my free birthday award.  A great way to spend a cheap day in the city.

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How the Landry Select Club works for us

Way, way back in 2006 we were planning our first huge vacation. That first trip to Walt Disney World, this was a huge deal for our family. Our daughters first flight, my husbands worries over crazy theme park families and my desire to make it an epic trip.  I may have developed my over planning side while working on this trip.  I read the dis boards, I knew what restaurants I wanted to dine at. I had done the Mypoints program for a while and I had that hot Rainforest Cafe gift card in my travel pile.  The only downside was the popularity of the Rainforest cafe and the long waits I had read about.  But this was my daughters first trip, we had to go eat there!!!!!  Dis boards gave me the hint that is still paying off in 2014.  Sign up for the membership program, get front of the line access.  No long wait, I was very interested!

We spent our day at the Animal Kingdom and planned on dinner at the Rainforest Cafe that evening. We entered the restaurant, saw all the people waiting and my husband started to glaze over. He was not going to wait an hour and a half for this.  I remembered my dis board tip and in the gift shop found a brochure for the rainforest club.  $15 to join, free appetizer each visit and front of the line access.  Sold!!!! I paid my $15 and walked up to the hostess stand with my card.  We were seated in 10 minutes and I was so excited it worked.  We had our free appetizer with our meal and I could see my husband starting to smile again.  I thought that was a decent $15 spent at the time since the appetizers were all around $10 to begin with.

Fast forward thru many trips, many free appetizers and little wait seating.  This card was helping me out one or two times a year. Then like all good things they come to an end, sort of.  The Landry group merged all their cards and I received a shiny new green card in the mail.   The free appetizers is gone but in return you receive $25 to use in your birthday month. And accumulate 250 points you receive another $25 credit to use.  Best of all it still offers the front of the line access.

So in 2014 again I used my Landry’s card to front of the line access at Bubba Gump on Navy Pier.  And my free $25 birthday reward to pay for our lunches.  The short wait would have been 25 minutes until I flashed the host my card.  Then we were the next table seated, my daughter calls this rolling like a VIP.  I just laugh at her craziness and enjoy my cheap lunch.

IF you visit Landry locations its well worth the now $25 to sign up for the Landry’s Select Club as you receive a $25 welcome reward.  We have used it at the Mall of America, Great Lakes Crossing, Walt Disney World and in Chicago.

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