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Pack Your Corn?

What?  Pack your corn?  What in the world, why would you pack corn?

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Pack your corn 🌽

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I read a post on a Disney planning travel community back in 2004 that still sticks with me.  Partly because it was just so odd that I have a hard time visualizing it and to remind me that travel looks different for all of us.

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Traveling in One Carry-on to Europe… Did it Work?

Earlier I had posted that Daughter and I each purchased an Osprey bag for our summer travel.  She chose the Farpoint 55 and I went with the Ozone Convertible 22 inch.  So did they work for us?  Would we truly be able to travel in one bag?

The short answer is yes… Hers worked extremely well and mine worked well.  I will be honest and say I never wore mine as a backpack.  I wheeled it most places and carried it when I had to. The bag was only 12 kg (26 pounds) when it was full at the airport on the way home.  I carried on the bag to Europe and checked it on the way back.


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