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Sosio’s Fruit and Produce at Pike Place Market

Sosio’s had to have its own post.  IF you go to Pike Market you need to try the OMG Peach that Sosio’s sells.  The peaches are huge and the juice drips down your chin as you try to eat it.  Eat one while you browse, take a few for lunch and snacks later!  I have NEVER had such a tasty peach!!!!  Try one!!!!!!!


The raspberrys are large and flavorful, I bet even the veggies would be amazing!

You can find more about Sosio’s here:

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Market Theater Gum Wall Gross Out in Seattle

The Market Theater Gum Wall is located in/ by / under Pike Place Market.  Its in this weird little alley way between Pike and Union Streets and Post Alley. Daughter had to see this!!!!!

Its really gross if you think about the fact that people chewed all this gum!  And there is this weird minty smell in the alley from the gum.  Some people made pictures from chewed gum and some did names.



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Pike Place Market is 1,000x Better than Anything in My State!

As you can tell I was very impressed by Pike Place Market!  Due to the time zone difference and having a child who is awake each by 6:30 am we were at the market early.  Getting there is easy we took the commuter train to University station and walked downhill the couple of blocks.

The market is amazing!  The fresh flowers, the pastries, the fresh seafood and artisan goods.  We spent a good part of the morning poking around.  The original Starbucks is here, go early to avoid the line.  Three Girls Bakery was perfect for a snack and a baguette for later. We even stumbled on a Penzey’s Spice store!

We watched them throw fish….



The fresh flowers were amazing!


And we gave some coins to Rachel the pig.

Pike Place Market is open:

Breakfast: 6 am
Fresh Produce & Fish: 7 am
Official Market Bell: 9 am
Crafts Market: 10 am-4 pm
Merchant Hours: 10 am-6 pm
Restaurants & Bars Last Call: 1:30 am

More information can be found here:

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