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How Crazy is it?

I will be honest from the television and web posting I expected Philadelphia to be insane.  I was worried about getting a cab or on the train to get into the center city area.  Way over-hyped!!!!!  To be safe I had reserved a car service to take us into town.  Usually I am all about the train but I just did not know how busy it would be and they had this whole three day ticket thing and some stations closed.  It was too much on short notice to figure all out.

Corporate Sedan Service met us at the very quiet airport.  Yup, quiet…  I will put their information here because they were very good at what they do. Quick to get me a quote and very prompt on pick ups.  As someone who was done wrong before by car companies I know how hard it is to find a good one!  I get nothing from them, they just did a good job for me!

Our very nice sedan made the quick drive to center city on empty roads.  Everyone had to have their car parked elsewhere several days in advance.  It seemed that most local people left town, it was eerie quiet!

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Two Dutch Girls and the Pope

Recently we headed off to Philly to see the Pope.  Yup, you read that right…  Daughter and I went to Philly to see the Pope. We are not Catholic but we are Christian. We live in the Midwest and are Dutch, nothing that screams I want to go see the Pope.

Way back to early summer Daughter has thrown out the idea of going to hear the Pope on his U.S. visit.  Again not Catholic so I told her no way to get tickets.  She heard he was going to be Washington D.C. and I told her she has school.  Then over Labor Day somehow she heard they were selling tickets online to some events in Philly.  I told her we could not afford them but to prove my point I would find out more information.

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