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The Hare Brained Road Trip – Radisson Hotel Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

We stayed at the Radisson in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin. The hotel is very new with a modern vibe.  We stayed here on our hare brained road trip to Milwaukee with Aunt Em.

All three of us were excited to stay here, it was a nice new hotel! And we had not gotten much sleep the night before so we were looking forward to a quiet night.  The hotel was nice and quiet with a large pool area with a very large hot tub. Not too many people and we were able to relax.

We had a great night! The next morning was no so great.  Three girls with a not user friendly bathroom setup.  The very sleek and modern was coming back to bite us.  #1 the shower, I love a good hot hotel shower.  Its not my hot water and I love the different shower/layouts that we find in hotels.  I thought this might be a nice shower, I was wrong!  The shower “door” is a half glass partition.  It was cold, unless you found a way to have all of you under the hot water the cold draft froze you out. And no one else could be in the bathroom. I love my sister but there was no privacy.  #2 the cool sink and counter left no place to put all of our stuff. Three girls have a lot of stuff for the morning.  It was a huge pain to not have counter space!

Rad bath



See the black are around the white sink, that is what you have for counter space.

So while it was a cool hotel with a decent breakfast buffet that we purchased in the restaurant I don’t think I would stay here again.  It looked modern but it was not very functional for three girls.


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More of the Hare Brained Road Trip – Mitchell Park Domes

After our stop at Jelly Belly Visitors Center we had a free weekend in Wisconsin.  I love to sniff out places that are off the beaten path if we have time.  Mitchell Park Conservatory (The Domes) is one of those places.  The Domes are located to the West of Milwaukee off from I-94.


The domes were completed in 1967 and at a cost of $4.5 million.

Once we found the parking area we were reminded to remove anything valuable from the car. There were signs on the front doors and I think in the parking lot. So don’t leave that GPS hanging from the windshield.

As you can see there are three domes.  We started in the Tropical dome.


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The Hare Brained Road Trip Continues – Milwaukee County Zoo

We had a zoo membership that has AZA reciprocal admission so we used the pass at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  We had stopped at the Jelly Belly Visitors Center in the morning so it was around noon when we arrived at the zoo. It was hot enough that we debated even going to the zoo or waiting for the next morning to visit. Since it was supposed to rain the next day we put on our sunscreen and hit the zoo.

Our admission was free for the three of us but parking was still $12.  IF we had paid admission is $14.25 for adults and $11.25 for kids ages 3-12.  We would have paid $51.75 for the three of us to visit the zoo, glad I paid $12.

As I said it was hot, so we alternated into buildings whenever possible.  In spite of the heat the animals were very active.


We stepped into buildings to break up the heat.


The hippo had the right idea, we needed to cool down somehow.

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Sometimes a Hare Brained Idea Turns into a Road Trip – Jelly Belly Visitors Center

I am not 100% sure how we go the idea to visit the Jelly Belly Distribution Center in Wisconsin.  I must have heard/read/seen something and when Daughter was munching thru a bag of Jelly Belly’s in the car I said “Did you know we could go there?”   I say stupid stuff like that a lot and nothing ever happens.  By default my phone rang right then and jokingly Daughter said “Ask Aunt Em if she want to go to Jelly Belly?”  Daughter was laughing hard and thought she was being silly.  Ha, Ha, jokes on her!  Aunt Em having no clue what the heck is going on said Yes.  So we put together a road trip to Jelly Belly and beyond.

Jelly Belly has a Wisconsin Visitors Center in Pleasant Prairie, I didn’t know where that was but its about an hour from Chicago.  Very easy to get to off from I-94. They offer free warehouse tours, a sample pack of Jelly Belly’s on the tour and a very large candy store. Whats not to love!!! Free tour, free candy and it’s Jelly Belly.


Daughter likes to act like we drove for miles and hardly survived the trip. Or she is really, really excited to be here.

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Best Western $50 Gift Card After 2 Stays

Best Western is offering a promotion from April 7 – May 18,2014.  Stay twice (not two nights, but 2 separate stays) and receive a $50 Best Western Travel Card.  The travel card expires 9/1/14 so its basically good for the summer only.

If you are wondering how long it takes to receive your gift card and how you will receive it:
Best Western Rewards members who have qualified for the promotion and have a valid email address in their account profile will receive a virtual (by email) $50 Travel Card usually within 2-3 weeks after they have completed the second qualified stay. If there is no valid email address on file, a plastic $50 Travel Card will be sent by mail to the member address listed in their account profile within 4-6 weeks after the second qualified stay is completed.

Register at this site:

These promos are great for “road trips”.  When you move towns a couple of times over your vacation it makes it very easy to complete promotions.

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