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Save by stockpiling

We save what we can by stockpiling.  Basically if something is on sale at a very good price if you have the cash you buy a few extra to “stockpile” until you need it.

Sometimes my stockpiling can cause my family some embarrassment.  For example at Dollar General after Christmas they had everything 75% off so I purchase all the hand soap they had on discount.  Not a big deal to me but seeing Santa or a snowman next to the sink in July is not cool with Daughter.  There is a way around everything, just cut the cute little wrapper off.


The soap is red but in her mind far better than a snowman sitting by the sink. And I am happy since I paid around $.50 per soap. We have enough soap to last us until July.

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Save on eating out!

We don’t eat out very often unless we are on vacation.  But when we do I like to check out   You can search by zip code to see what is offered in your area. Right now a place we really like in our area has been added so I am excited to go back to Joe’s.

The certificates are for sale for amounts ranging from $10-50, and there is a minimum spend.  For Joes it’s a purchase of $22.50 to use the $15 certificate.  The price is $6 for a $15 off certificate,  but I purchase when I have a discount code.

Use code SUMMER  to pay $2 for a $10 certificate or $3 for a $15 certificate.  (And shop thru your miles earning portal.)   Yup, order over $22.50 in food, get $15 off by spending $3.  Works for me!

I also check for areas we are traveling to, we tried a great Mexican place in Seattle for about half off.  (Remember to tip on the full amount of your bill.)  Print off your certificate and present it before you get your bill.

Here are the points payouts, going thru American you would get an additional 30 miles while saving on dinner.


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