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Beach Break – Sea Turtle Inc. on South Padre Island, Tx

Beach Break- Sea Turtle Inc. South Padre Island, Texas

When it gets too hot, I get off the beach.  My goal is to avoid frying my family so we head off the sand to get some shade and some lunch.  Saturday’s beach break was to Sea Turtle Inc.  Each person in our family picks the one thing they want to see/do/visit/eat or whatever and we do our best to make it happen.  Sea Turtle Inc was my pick for this trip.

Sea Turtle Inc is open 10-4 Tue thru Sunday and closed on Mondays.  It’s a $3 donation per person to visit and when we went it was pretty busy. But I think busy is a good thing for them; it means the word is getting out about their work!  And it was really hot at 3pm on a Saturday, so that might have helped increase visitors.

Inside the hospital are large tanks filled with the different sea turtles.  There are Loggerheads, Greens, and Kemp’s Ridleys.  The smaller Kemp’s are my favorite kind.  The turtles are kept at the hospital until they are well enough to be released, but sadly some will never be able to live in the wild.  The tanks are large and spread out a bit so it was never too crowded to check out the turtles. And there were lots of volunteers answering questions and explaining about some of the resident turtles.


In the summer the turtle nests are released after hatching and often those releases are open to the public in the early morning. We were really hoping to catch a release on our visit but we were about 2 weeks too early for this year’s hatchlings.  I think seeing a release would be incredible, where else can you do that?


They even have a live camera if you want to check them out at  We were even able to see a poor turtle have a sharks hook removed from his mouth during our visit.  Another turtle was getting his shell fixed up with zip ties and tape. The work they do is amazing!


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