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Mount Rainier Webcams

I love to glance at Webcams if I have a free moment for places I have traveled.  In late September I love to look at Mt. Rainier to see if it is snowing yet!

Here is the link to the webcams that the National Park Service has working.  In the deep snow several of them go offline…



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Sometimes a Tour is the Best Option – Visit Mt. Rainier

We had a quick trip planned to Seattle and no good reason to rent a car. We were with in a short walking distance of the commuter train to downtown.  And we walked a quick block from the airport to the hotel.  But having the opportunity I wanted to get Daughter up on a mountain.  We were so close to Mt. Rainier that I really wanted to try and visit it.

Sometimes a tour is the best option!  I could have rented a car for one day and driven us up there but instead we booked with Tours Northwest.  They picked us up at our hotel in a mini bus around 7am. Made a quick stop at a grocery store for anyone who wanted to take a deli sandwich and to use the bathroom. (We bought deli sandwiches instead of eating at the Mt. Rainier cafe to save time for hiking.)  Our bus was quite full with other tourists like ourselves so that made the trip fun.


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Somes the Unexpected is the Trip Highlight

At our lunch in Plaza Garibaldi we were tossing around what we wanted to do for the rest of the day.  Go back to Pike Market for a few things, go to the zoo or up the Space Needle?  We were not sure how long King Tut and the science center would take so we had not made any plans.

We settled on the Chihuly Museum since it looked interesting and was right up where we had been.  What a great decision it was, Chihuly ended up being one of our favorite trip activities!

The Chihuly Gardens and glass is located almost under the Space Needle. We had seen a little of the glass installations in the garden as we passed on our way to the Science Center courtyard entrance.  They looked really interesting which helped in our decision to visit.

I had seen single pieces of Chihuly but never a large collection like this.  I loved the bowl room where you sat under the glass ceiling.  And in the garden area we walked it in one direction, and the walked it back the other direction.  You always noticed something new!


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Plaza Garibaldi in Seattle after King Tut for lunch

I had purchased as many Groupon and coupons that I could find for our Seattle trip.  Near the Space Needle and Pacific Science Center we found Plaza Garibaldi on  It was a quick couple of blocks down hill to the restaurant for lunch.

Since it was a Friday the place was pretty quiet and we were quickly seated.  My Mom and I had large burritos and daughter had nachos, she dislikes Mexican food.   We saved room for deep fried ice cream of course! (Dessert helped us meet the minimum spend on the certificate. LOL!)

The food was very good! Service was quick and the only downside was the full belly walk back uphill to the Space Needle.

More information on Plaza Garibaldi can be found here:


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Pacific Science Center was a bit dated

We toured the rest of the Pacific Science Center after our King Tut visit.  We enjoy museum and science centers wherever we travel. We have a few to compare it to and this one really did not measure up.

The actual time we spent in the rest of the museum was maybe an hour and a half.  It just seemed very dated and some exhibits were just plain broken.  If we had visited solely to see the science center I would have been disappointed.  Several displays were for much younger children, almost like a children’s museum.  The dinosaur exhibit was very lacking, that was a 2 minute walk through. And the poses of  some dinos seemed very odd.

It was cool to see the working beehive.  The bees had access to the outside through a tube and then they built their hive inside a plexiglass container.  That was something that I had never seen.  Daughter did spend some time at the insect exhibit. And we liked the butterflies.

Entrance would be free with the ASTC science center pass if you are a member at another museum or science center. Otherwise admission is $19.50 and I cannot recommend a family of four paying $68 for this place.  The value just was not there.

Hours are:

  • Weekdays – 10 a.m.- 5 p.m.
  • Sat-Sun-Holidays – 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

More information can be found here:




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Pacific Science Center King Tut Exhibit

Daughter LOVES ancient Egypt artifacts. If we are in a museum this is usually where we spend most of our time.  She wanted to see the King Tut exhibit when she was very young and was so excited to view it now!

I saw on the website when I was purchasing tickets that they had a membership discount for ASTC members.  I emailed them for the code and was able to save $5 a ticket. We also sprung for the audio tour after reading reviews. That was incredibly helpful as it allowed us to move at a pace that worked for our family.

We cued up at the Pacific Science center entry door with twenty other people a little before 9am.  And we waited, and waited until 9:05 when the doors still did not open. Someone called the science center and was told to enter on the backside in the courtyard.  A note on the door would have been helpful, I imagine this happened daily on Denny Way.

We found a larger line in the courtyard and traded in our email confirmation for tickets.  From there to the line for the King Tut entry, the entry line was short and we were inside in under 15 minutes.  We were given headphones and instructions on using the self audio tour.  Very easy!

I have to say I was incredibly impressed by the King Tut exhibit! It was huge!  I thought a room or two might house the artifacts. The exhibit went on for many rooms. We were in there almost two hours!  Very well done with lots of detailed information!

tut 1

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Seattle Aquarium is Daughters Favorite

We are lucky to live close enough to Shedd Aquarium to be able to visit every year or when the whim strikes us.  We appreciate a good aquarium and often seek them out on our trip.  Seattle Aquarium blew us away!

After spending the morning at Pike Place Market we walked toward the waterfront to the aquarium.  And rows of school buses caught my eye.  Did I really want to visit with lots of school children?  No!  We decided to enter just to see how bad it truly was.  Lucky us, the kids were headed out!!!!!  Here is the crazy part, since the kids just left there were very few people at the aquarium and lots of staff / volunteers!  It was amazing!

Daughter loves touch tanks and Seattle had the best we have encountered yet!  The Life on the Edge exhibit was an example of the local tide pools. She was able to touch not only Sea Stars but she loved making the Sea Cucumbers and Anemone shrink in.  And then a volunteer let her feed a sea urchin, she was in heaven.  We might have spent almost an hour at the touch tanks, there was no one else around so she had the tanks to herself.  We even hit them again on the way out!

The Underwater Dome was very interesting. There was a huge starfish that Daughter stood in front of to make her appear to be wearing it on her head.  They do a feeding in here at 1:30, be early this did get crowded even though the aquarium was pretty empty.  I think everyone in the building was here!

We saw a Puffin in the bird exhibit and the Sea Otters were so captivating.  We might have watched them for over twenty minutes.  They were diving for clams and then cracking them open while swimming on their backs.  So cute!!!!!

This aquarium was outstanding, maybe because it had items we do not see in the Midwest or Florida.  We cannot wait to go back again, its on the list for our next Seattle trip!

Ticket cost:

Adult (ages 13 & over) $21.95
Youth (ages 4-12) $14.95
Child (ages 3 & under) Free
Seniors 65+ $2.00 off
Persons with disabilities $2.00 off
Active Military (ID required)
and dependents
$2.95 off


Sorry I could not find my flash card, only my shutterfly book of the trip.

More information can be found here:

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Sosio’s Fruit and Produce at Pike Place Market

Sosio’s had to have its own post.  IF you go to Pike Market you need to try the OMG Peach that Sosio’s sells.  The peaches are huge and the juice drips down your chin as you try to eat it.  Eat one while you browse, take a few for lunch and snacks later!  I have NEVER had such a tasty peach!!!!  Try one!!!!!!!


The raspberrys are large and flavorful, I bet even the veggies would be amazing!

You can find more about Sosio’s here:

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Market Theater Gum Wall Gross Out in Seattle

The Market Theater Gum Wall is located in/ by / under Pike Place Market.  Its in this weird little alley way between Pike and Union Streets and Post Alley. Daughter had to see this!!!!!

Its really gross if you think about the fact that people chewed all this gum!  And there is this weird minty smell in the alley from the gum.  Some people made pictures from chewed gum and some did names.



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Pike Place Market is 1,000x Better than Anything in My State!

As you can tell I was very impressed by Pike Place Market!  Due to the time zone difference and having a child who is awake each by 6:30 am we were at the market early.  Getting there is easy we took the commuter train to University station and walked downhill the couple of blocks.

The market is amazing!  The fresh flowers, the pastries, the fresh seafood and artisan goods.  We spent a good part of the morning poking around.  The original Starbucks is here, go early to avoid the line.  Three Girls Bakery was perfect for a snack and a baguette for later. We even stumbled on a Penzey’s Spice store!

We watched them throw fish….



The fresh flowers were amazing!


And we gave some coins to Rachel the pig.

Pike Place Market is open:

Breakfast: 6 am
Fresh Produce & Fish: 7 am
Official Market Bell: 9 am
Crafts Market: 10 am-4 pm
Merchant Hours: 10 am-6 pm
Restaurants & Bars Last Call: 1:30 am

More information can be found here:

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