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Follow Hotels on Social Media

This has become one of my no-brainer tips, follow hotels on social media.  Why?  Sometimes you will see an unadvertised deal.  Sometimes they offer a give-away.  Sometimes you can get upgraded by talking with them.  Hotels want you to brag them up. Tell your friends what a great time you had, or the great room you had and they want you to follow them.  Be active!

I started following some of our favorite hotels a couple of years back on facebook and twitter.  If I am visiting for the weekend I comment on their page.  No need to be specific and give the world your dates.  Something like “looking forward to my stay soon!”  Worst case scenario you hear crickets.  (But most properties have a social media contact now.)  Often I am messaged asking when my trip is and wishing me a great stay.  Sometimes I get a nice note in the room with a little treat. Sometimes we get a nice room upgrade.  You never know what can happen!

Also sometimes they offer contests.  Free dining at their restaurant or win a free night!  I have won a free night at a hotel I was following, it was a great surprise!  Be social, be active!


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