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Wrap up on 2016

This is the crazy post where I try to dig back through my brain and figure out how many nights we spent in hotels.  I can safely say not near as many as 2015.   Our family needs are changing and we do more small weekend trips away now that our daughter is older.

2016 saw us take a spring break trip to check out three colleges for said daughter.  The Holiday Inn IHG mail in promotion points came in really handy for this trip to Pennsylvania.

Franklin & Marshall

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We also did a couple of single nights in hotels before a college visit to make sure we arrived on time and for a little family break.  Nothing wrong with relaxing in a hot tub and eating seafood on a weeknight.

Since our daughter was heading to South Africa for a few weeks in June we used a night in Radisson Kalamazoo for a family night.  Enjoying their great pool area and local food before we went our separate ways for most of the summer.

Kalamazoo Radisson

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August saw the girls having free time and Southwest airline credit to use so we went to Savannah and Charleston for a long weekend.  I did not want to lose $124 in credit from when I re-booked price changes. I let Daughter pick the destination and I was surprised by her choice.  She fell in love with the south and everything about Savannah.

Bonadventure Cemetary

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Labor day brought us to South Bend for a quick get away.  The work hard play hard Club Carlson promotion was offering triple weekend points so we took in the Celtic Festival.

Learning to throw an axe.

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Then we took our long December vacation to Louisiana and Mississippi.  This time we cleaned out my husbands IHG points account leveraging it for three nights.  I really wish IHG did more mail in promotions!

Creole Queen foggy ride

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Also new to us this year was staying a hotel night before a long race.  It is easier on the family if they can hang out at the room for a couple of hours after an early starting run.  No parking hassles, no freezing while they wait or looking for bathrooms. I like walking to the start and knowing they are comfortable.

Foreshore adventure run

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So this years math:

3,358 airline miles in 2016

19 nights in a hotel

2 nights in a Bed and Breakfast

Losing the second night free benefit with Club Carlson kept us lower on our stays this year and I am not really focusing on one chain at the moment.  Whomever has the best promotion gets my business for now.   We seem to be doing more driving than flying these days. And with my daughters schedule its really hard to get away for more than a couple of nights at a time.

For 2017 we start off with a bang, my daughter has an opportunity in D.C. so we will soon be headed there for a bit.  We are tossing around heading back to Florida for our winter getaway.  We were lucky with mostly nice and unusually warm weather in Louisiana but going further south should up our warm weather chances.

Creole Queen

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Who knows where this crazy hobby will take us this year!

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Tippecanoe Place Restaurant at Christmas

For part of our trip to the Oiver Mansion I wanted to include a lunch stop at Tippecanoe.  This home was the Studebaker Mansion before being turned into a restaurant in the 1980s. The Studebaker Mansion was finished in 1889 with approximately 40 rooms and 20 fireplaces.  This makes it a tad larger than the Oliver Mansion.


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The restaurant is beautifully decorated for the season and the smaller rooms would be perfect for a family party.

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Visiting the Oliver Mansion at Christmas

My Daughter and I enjoyed a tour of the Oliver Mansion called Copshaholm in October when we went to the Dressing Downton exhibit.  We really wanted to see this mansion decorated for Christmas.  The roads in the Midwest can be iffy at best in December but we lucked out and the snow changed to rain during our trip. The roads were not the best the whole time but we had safe travels.

We called ahead and were able to add our names to the 11am tour listing the day before.  I did not want to make the long drive and then not be able to tour the house.  You can do this by calling 574-235-9664 and speaking to the staff.

Oliver Mansion

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This time our tour began in the carriage house connected to the museum so we had very little time outside.

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Don’t be Irish Only on St. Patrick’s Day

A few years back a family member invited us to an Irish musical festival. Having no plans for the Saturday we took them up on the offer and found a new genre that we loved.  Usually for one weekend in September we transfer from being Dutch to finding our Irish side.  This year we expanded our Celtic side over Labor Day weekend also.

Michiana Celtic Fest

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Cops & Doughnuts


We arrived in South Bend with a plan to get a cupcake at Yummy Cupcakes but they have closed since our last visit.  Plan B!  I had heard there was a new doughnut place called Cops & Doughnuts nearby.  We found it near the corner of Michigan and Wayne.

Cops & Douhhnuts Southbend

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Visiting the Studebaker National Museum

Part of our combo ticket to the History Museum in South Bend included admission to the Studebaker National Museum next door.  General admission to this museum alone is $8 or you can purchase a combo ticket for both museums for $12 for adults.  Seniors over 60 pay only $10 for a combo ticket.


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We took maybe an hour to tour all three floors of the museum. They do offer an elevator.

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Oliver Mansion Copshaholm in South Bend

Included with our Dressing Downton exhibit tickets was a tour of the Oliver Mansion called  Copshaholm.  The 38 room stately home sits on West Washington street just up the road a block from the Oliver Inn B & B and the Tippicanoe Place Restaurant.  In a previous visit we stayed at the Oliver Inn and dined at Tippicanoe, it makes for a fabulous weekend visit.

Here is a link to the Oliver Inn visit we took for a girls weekend.

Copshaholm Oliver Mansion

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Dressing Downton Exhibit in South Bend

My Daughter and I used to eagerly await Sunday nights for the next Masterpiece episode of Downton Abbey.  Just before 9pm my husband would retreat to the bedroom to watch something else and we would grab a snack to watch what wit the Dowager Countess would share that Sunday night. There were nights we screamed at the tv like when Matthew had his accident and nights we went to bed smiling over Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes.  Melted my heart watching them wade into the ocean hand and hand.  So of course when we heard there was a clothing exhibit from our favorite characters we had to view it.

We had wanted to view it when in Chicago but we were unable to find tickets for dates that worked with our schedule.  I hunted down a listing and found it would be in South Bend, Indiana in the fall.  I made it a point to sign up for the museums newsletters and Facebook page to know when I could purchase tickets.  In August I was able to purchase tickets and we had been eagerly awaiting the opening date in mid-October.

This weekend the exhibit opened in South Bend and we drove over on Sunday to have a look.  Tickets were $13 for youth 6-17 and $18 for adults.  We purchased the combo ticket that gave us entrance to the museum, dresses, Studebaker museum and Oliver Mansion. Upon arrival we were given a sticker that shows what ticket we purchased and we were immediately able to enter the Downton Exhibit.

Dressing Downton

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We excited to view the well laid out exhibit.  Costumes lined both sides of the walkway and great descriptions of the gown and time period were listed.

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Kilwins South Bend

As you can tell I like sweets, cupcakes, and all that good stuff.  There happened to be a Groupon for Kilwins which is located right across the street from Notre Dame.  How convenient!

We were in town to tour Notre Dame anyway so I snapped up two pounds of fudge for $18 through Groupon.  The store is located in the Eddy Street complex across the street.  We easily found parking and picked up our fudge after walking the campus for a while.

Kilwins Southbend

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We were able to pick out 4 slices. Daughter did her two of Chocolate and Kilwins mud. I went with Sea Salt Caramel and a slice that had everything under the sun included.  I cannot recall the name but it was extra good!

Kilwins Southbend

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They also offered caramel apples, ice cream and other sweets.

More information here:


1044 E. Angela Blvd. #101

South Bend, IN 46617




Mon–Thurs: 10am – 9pm
Fri & Sat: 10am – 10pm
Sun: 10am – 9pm

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Sweets in Downtown South Bend

We swung into Southbend around 5:30 on a Friday night.  There was a cupcake place I wanted to try before they closed at 6.  The shop is called Yummy Cupcakes and its across from South Bend Chocolate Company.

Yummy Cupcakes Southbend

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First stop was Yummy Cupcakes of course! As you can see they had a busy day with a few choices left.  Classic cupcakes are $3.25 – $3.50 each.  I had a hidden raspberry and Daughter went with Old School.  They were good, the frosting was a little too sweet for me.

Across the road was South Bend Chocolate Company so we had to stop in there. We were parked right in front of it so whats a few extra steps….

Southbend Chocolate Company

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We bought a few truffles to take home to Husband.  He likes a little bit of chocolate once in a while.

More information:

Yummy Cupcakes® South Bend
119 S Michigan St.
South Bend, IN 46601
574.289.8669 (28 – YUMMY)
Mon – Sat: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Sunday: Closed


More information on the chocolate here:

Chocolate Café – Downtown South Bend
122 South Michigan
South Bend, Indiana
1.5 blocks South of the Morris Performing Arts Center

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