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Tampa Lowry Park Zoo

We visited the Tampa Lowry Park Zoo in the fall just before Halloween.  We used our AZA pass to save 50% on the entry price.  (American Zoo and Aquarium Association pass from our local zoo)  Normal entry is $24.95 for adults and $19.95 for kids 3-11, parking was free.


That price is a little hefty for a zoo but this zoo includes the rides free in its admission.  They have a Gator flume ride, the tiger roller coaster, flying bananas, train ride and carousel included in the ticket. We visited during the week and I think Daughter rode the flume ride five times with little wait.



The zoo is rather large with a newer safari area and wallaroo station.  We visited on an animal enrichment day. The animals were given Halloween treats to enjoy. Pretty much this consisted of pumpkins but it was fun to watch the animals especially the elephants and tigers.












The tigers were so fun to watch with their pumpkins. They drug them up from the water onto the land for a while and they would roll back into the water. They would try to sink them and the pumpkins would pop back up.


We really enjoyed our zoo visit!



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