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Pack Your Corn?

What?  Pack your corn?  What in the world, why would you pack corn?

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Pack your corn 🌽

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I read a post on a Disney planning travel community back in 2004 that still sticks with me.  Partly because it was just so odd that I have a hard time visualizing it and to remind me that travel looks different for all of us.

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Southwest Airlines Fare Map Fun

So maybe only travel geeks would find a fare map fun?  I have a couple of times searched for a weekend away on the Southwest Airlines Getaway Finder.  The map lets you enter your starting airport, dates and price range.

Voila! The locations under $236 round trip from Minn/ St Paul airport.  Philly at $176 looks like a great getaway!

You can play with the map here:


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I love a good travel ad campaign!

I have to say that Illinois hit it out of the park with its mini Abe commercial campaign! Our family laughed so hard the first time we saw the mini Abe ad.

If you have not seen it yet take a look at this link:


Little mini Abe checking out all the Illinois sites and saying Whoa! So simple and catchy!

Which lead to my family saying “Whoa” all the time when they see something great.  A plate of fresh oysters in front of Husband got the “Whoa!”  And Daughter in New York threw it out over the State of Liberty.

Yes, the commercial caught on with our family and I kinda am hoping they don’t view the restaurant one for a while….


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