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Learning to Surf with South Padre Surf Company


South Padre Island Surfing

We have spent a lot of time in Florida and my daughter whenever possible has spent hours on a little boogie board. If it’s water she is in it and trying to ride the waves.  We spent $8 on a boogie board for the weekend from Wal-Mart.  This was $8 well spent!  She spent hours on Friday in the water, and then Saturday night, and then Monday afternoon.  It owed us nothing!  At the end of our trip on the way to the airport we gifted it on to another young girl who looked very excited to have it.

Knowing how much my daughter loved the water we found South Padre Surf Company. They offered either a 1 hour class at $40 or a 3 hours surf camp at $80. Talking it over with my husband we agreed to sign her up for the 3 hour.  We figured by the time she mastered it the hour would almost be over, so why not do the camp?


We arrived at Isla Blanca Beach Park promptly at 7:45 to meet up with the other surf campers.  The group was 4 adults and 3 kids for this day.  Each person is assigned a 10 foot soft coated board and a red rash guard type shirt to identify you as a student.  It’s a short instruction on land with the basics for paddling out, where to stand on the board and practice on rising up to a standing position.  Then they hit the water for the real thing.


Rachel the instructor held the back of the board the first couple of times to get everyone the feel of catching a wave.  A couple of wobbly rides and our daughter was standing up, grinning ear to ear!  The first thing she said when she took a break on shore was that she wants a surf board.  The child was hooked!


She spent the next 2 ½ hours riding the waves in, playing with another girl in the class and sitting on her board like the local teenagers were doing. We would laugh because she didn’t like to wipe out in the water so she would ride her board close to shore and just hop off into ankle deep water.  Then she turned around and drag the board back out again to catch her next wave.Image

The next time we are down near South Padre Island we will definitely be contacting South Padre Surf Company either for another surf camp or to rent a board for the day!

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