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A Planner Trying to be Flexible

If you know me you know I am a planner.  If the tour calls for cash I have it in an envelope marked with the date I need it and tour information.  I keep each trip on a spreadsheet.

My version of being flexible is walking into Ben & Jerry’s on the way back from the ghost tour.  I did not realize that would be an almost $15 decision (ouch) and I will be flexible elsewhere in the future with my late night ice cream runs.  I would rather keep late night ice cream visits to $10 and under!

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Free Tours by Foot in Charleston

I am a big fan of Free Tours by Foot.  We have used them in Philly, Savannah and previously in Charleston.  The process is simple, find the tour / date on the calendar and book it online. There is a $1 fee to book per person to cover the Charleston tour tax.  The tour guide tells you where to meet and what time.  Easy peasy!  Please book well in advance, they are allowed 20 people on the tour and even on a hot Monday in August our tour was full!

Free Tours by Foot

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When I received the surprise email from Wyndham hotels on my Go Fast redemption I clicked on a link that took me to Viator a booking site for tours and activities.  I figured the prices would be so inflated that my $10 code would not be worth using but I poked around for curiosity.

They offered food tours, carriage rides, walking tours, and ghost tours.  I know Daughter loves a good ghost tour so I tried to figure who the vendors were for the seven tours listed.  A little leg work and I knew that most of the prices were the same as the companies websites, so I was not paying inflated prices which was a pleasant surprise.  The down side is one very popular company was not booking on Viator for their weekend tours.  Bummer, so if I wanted to go into the jail on their tour I could not use my $10 voucher as we were only in Charleston for the weekend.

One tour had great reviews and was actually priced less on Viator than on the company website.  Chilling Charleston Macabre Ghost Tours by Ashley on the Cooper Walking Tours.  So I could use my $10 discount code from Wyndham that I received by booking a hotel on points! I love this crazy hobby! The tour cost on Viator is $15 a person.  After applying my gift code I paid $20 total for the two of us to book the ghost tour at 9pm.

We met our tour on the steps of the Gibbes Museum of Art just a block up from our hotel.  It had been plenty hot during the day so I happy to be touring in the dark. We easily found our guide and waited for the other guests to arrive while we chatted with her. Its easy to see she loves what she does!

Our tour took us around different sites in the city and gave us spots to sit along the way.  We heard about Zoe at Poogan’s Porch, Anna Ravenal, and Lavinia at each location.  Our tour took around 90 minutes and was very entertaining.  We would recommend it! Tours are offered at 7 and 9pm.

More information here:

Macabre Ghost Tour

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Fair Trade Friday September 2016

I opened my mailbox this week eagerly anticipating a package (that still has not arrived) and found instead my Fair Trade Friday package.  How did August pass so quickly?

Fair Trade Friday Sept 2016

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I was a little worried when I saw that something appeared to be leaking.

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Charleston Historic Market

The Charleston Historic Market stretches for 4 blocks under cover with an air conditioned store section in the middle.   We were able to walk through the market twice.  Once for the day time market and again Sunday night for the Charleston Night Market. The vendors were different for both.

Historic Market

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Do remember IF it is raining heavily do not hang out in the market area. This is the low spot in town and prone to flooding.  This is why its the perfect spot for a market that is dis-assembled each night.

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It’Sugar Store

When you travel with kids you are pulled into stores you normally would walk right past.  Daughter spied It’Sugar next to the Charleston Historic Market and was inside before I figured out what the store was.

It's Sugar

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This is kid heaven!

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